Dwarf Ready for Battle

Patch Notes - October 11th, 2016


Today's patch adds the new profession Scribing, which allows you the ability to craft spell scrolls to use yourself or sell to other players. We also made some changes to alignment colors and the identification of warred players, as well as implemented our first incentive for being blue. 

  • New outfits for all races on the character creator
  • Alignment colors have been tweaked
  • War color has been tweaked and icon added to help distinguish warred players more
  • Added GUI option to switch between health bar style
  • Capital City Recall has been implemented
    • Cost based on alignment
      • Free for 100% alignment players with 30 minute cooldown
      • Cost 500 gold for 75%+ alignment players with 1 hour cooldown
      • Cost 1000 gold for 20%+ alignment players with 2 hour cooldown
      • Cost 1500 gold for 0%+ alignment players with 4 hour cooldown
    • Only works for positive alignment
    • New players (characters made after this patch) will receive 10 free capital recalls
  • Scribing skill added
  • New item growing around Agon: Papyrus Plant - used in crafting blank scrolls
  • New items found on mobs:  School Essences - used in crafting scrolls
  • Pulled back camera when browsing city building menus for a better overall view
  • Villages now reward school essences
  • Updated some legacy bow craft times and durability
  • Some tips can now be seen on loading screens (WIP)
  • Monsters should now cast surging spells like before
  • Icons for Nectar of the Gods and Fine Arrows now show up in chat properly

Free Trial October 14th - Call to Arms:

On Friday, October 14th after server maintenance until the server maintenance of Monday, October 24th, Darkfall: Rise of Agon will be free to play for everyone. New players who wish to try Darkfall for the first time or players interested in trying out some of the new changes will be able to do so during this free period. We would like to call on our veterans to provide assistance and take in new players who try the game and help show them what the game has to offer. We plan to host events during this time and hope to see both new and old faces out on the battlefield! Stay tuned for more information later this week.

Website Updates - Screenshots, Videos and More:

You may have noticed that the website has been going through some changes lately, and we finished adding in some of the new pages this afternoon. You can visit our new Screenshots section to find in-game images and shots taken during Beta, or find our Videos page for all of the current and future Darkfall: Rise of Agon videos. We also made some changes to our homepage, updated information on many other pages, and added more options for navigation.

Thank you for reading and please join us in the discussion!


- The Team at Big Picture Games