Patch Notes - October 2nd, 2018


Greetings Agonians,

Today we are patching some combat adjustments and some small bug fixes. We hope to continue with these small patches until we are ready for some of the bigger content updates we are working on to be ready.

Combat Adjustments:

  • Armor values for physical protections have been equalized to slashing.
  • The previous 25% increase to armor protections has been changed to a linear increase for both physical and magic protections.
    • Metal armors are all increased at the same value Infernal received at 25%, the result is full plate and lower all received a buff in all protections and Dragon a slight nerf.
    • Tailoring armors are all increased at the same value Bone received at 25%, the result is an increase to all tailored armours below bone.
  • Magic encumbrance penalties have been raised from 20 (regular) encumbrance to 40 before the new penalties begin. This will allow for more “heavier” armors to be used for mages before spell levels are affected.
  • Staff magnitude changes have been reverted.


  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes charge double for crafting costs from the wallet and resulted in a failed craft if the player didn’t have twice the required amount of gold.


- The Team at Big Picture Games