Archer and Mage Defense

Patch Notes - September 29th, 2016


Hello everyone,

Today’s patch features a hodgepodge of different things from fixes to leveling speeds to our very first changes to crafting and much more. We are also introducing Beta incentive points. Enjoy and read on!

Patch Notes September 29th, 2016 

  • Skill gains have been front loaded. 1-100 takes the same time overall, but 1-75 will be quicker for all skill/stats/schools/spells (minus scroll spells and crafting).
  • School Sub-skill requirements have been reduced
    • Durable - lowered to 10 from 25
    • Mana Efficiency - lowered to 30 from 50
    • Quicken - lowered to 50 from 75
    • Intensify - lowered to 75 from 100
  • Fixed Scroll gains on schools & sub-skills
  • Minimap will now show simplified NPC names, aka “Merchant” instead of “Jabib the Merchant”

  • Skinning time and fail-rate has been brought in-line with harvesting (3s @ 1, 2 @ 100)

  • Merge Party
    • When you are already in a party, and get invited to a party, you will now be given the option to merge the two parties together.
  • Rage and Dwarven Perseverance will now continue to work after switching weapons

  • The water shader on PS2 & 3 will no longer impede your vision, and this new effect has been normalized across all shader options.

  • Mysterious Essences
    • Player Points are our beta incentive that will be convertible to store credit once our store opens. You can now simply double-click on essences to reap the Player Point reward.
    • Player Points are viewable on the website.
    • Essences are now stackable
  • Village Capture Mechanics
    • Unbuilt plots will now reward 20 gold
    • Built houses will continue to reward 50.
    • This allows the village capturing gold output to scale as the game matures.
  • Crafting
    • All crafting changes here and in upcoming patches are the groundwork for our bigger changes to masteries later on.
    • Bowyer and Bowyer Mastery
      • Bow arrangement, ranks, damage and speed have been refactored to make more sense and also open up some new speed vs damage options.
        • For most ranks tiers, there is now a baseline, faster/less damage and more damage/slower versions.
        • Added 2 new craftable R70s
      • Crafting prices and quantity of arrows have been adjusted
      • A new Arrow has been introduced that does less damage.
      • The old arrow has been renamed to Fine Arrow and does full damage.
      • Arrow crafting yields will now increase as you get better at Bowyer / Mastery
      • All arrows have been removed from vendors
      • Both arrow types have been rebalanced on mobs accordingly
  • 1 hander/Shield should now always equip simultaneously.

  • NPC fixes to allow scroll turn-ins.

  • Quest and other minor text fixes.

  • Nectar of the Gods now gives +2 of a stat to remove the need to go to multiple starter cities and do the same quests over again.
  • Dungeon Quest timers have been lowered from a 24 hour cooldown to a 21 hour cooldown
  • Improved Kraken loot table

  • Trade Routes
    • House deeds of all sizes have been added to the loot table
    • All other rewards have been raised as well
    • Trade routes will no longer run out of packs
    • Maximum purchase per player has been raised from 5000 to 10000.
  • Turned off depositing for the normal clan vault until we can identify and fix the durability reset bug.

  • Alignment Titles
    • Villain and Saint titles will now appear under player names who have been either max positive or max negative alignment for 2+ weeks.
  • Alignment Colors
    • Names will now appear an array of different colors depending on how evil or good the player is. This is just another small step towards a meaningful alignment system. The image below illustrates the new look, starting with max alignment on the top left.
  • Increased scroll drop chances on Fire and Ice dragon.

  • Inactive characters will now enter storage and clans with no active players will expire.

  • A new monster has appeared in Agon. They tend to anger easily, so be sure to tread lightly.

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- The Team at Big Picture Games