Patch September 7th

Patch Notes - September 7th, 2016


Hi everyone,

This patch includes many bug fixes (even a couple of very old ones!), a new way to get meditation points, a new spell scroll system, the very first portals for the new Wilderness Portal Network, harvesting node quantity identification and much, much more!

  • Bugs

    • Fixed players gaining alignment from party kills in dungeons even if not / no longer partied

    • Fixed being able to see system messages concerning one-way allies

    • A couple of small tutorial window fixes

    • Fixed quest lines involving casting Heal Other, changed to Frailty

    • Fixed bug involving becoming permanently disabled  if you drink a panacea potion while disabled

    • Removed the ability to spawn a mount underwater

    • Removed ability to drop siege stones on the bottom of the ocean floor

    • Fixed some abilities still leveling on players/mounts

    • Bows made through Bowyer mastery now level trueforge weapon appropriately

    • Fixed blank hotbar on login/death

    • Few various world fixes

    • Eslingar and Aer Thithil crafting station fixes

    • Few various quest fixes

  • Server performance is an ongoing effort and some tweaks were made to the configurations in an attempt to alleviate some of the problems some players have reported, but more feedback is encouraged!

  • Party Boxes

    • Implemented Phase 1 of revamping the group windows

      • More intelligently position the boxes as players are added to a party for the first time

      • Adjusted health bar to match the new vital stats window

      • Right click context menu on your own party box

        • Leave Party

  • Annoying gathering interruptions are a thing of the past

  • Swinging a Siege Hammer cost removed and made part of a base character

  • Read is now part of a base character, hidden and 100

  • Designated Loot Bag slot for one-click loot to be automatically placed into

    • Drop a bag on the paperdoll slot then loot!

  • Modified First Available and Burst Cycle modes to automatically skip skills that are being casted to allow players to “queue” a spell

  • Spell Scrolls

    • 69 spells which previously had no constructive way to level are now on scrolls

    • Using these spells no longer levels them

    • You must have the spell before you can use a scroll to raise it

    • Reading a scrolls will raise your knowledge of the specified spell 3-6 levels

    • Reading a scroll now takes 15 seconds

    • Reading a scroll now skills up the school as well as any other associated skills accordingly (intensifies, veteran mage, regent conservation, etc)

    • System messages to clarify success and failure added

    • Movement now stops reading

    • Different school scrolls have been added to a variety of monster loot tables

      • Selected groups of mobs/families will drop a certain school predominately, with a small chance to drop the rest

      • Certain specific mobs have greater chances of dropping specific scrolls

      • Some high difficulty mobs have greater chances of dropping more scrolls

  • Dungeon Quests

    • Daily subterranean quests now award meditation points

    • Quests will award equal amounts of gold and meditation points!

  • Removed all skill books from existing monster loot tables (groundwork for re-adding books for applicable  melee skills)

  • When looking at a node with the proper tool in hand, a bar indicating the amount of resources in the node will be displayed

    • This will allow you to quickly identify full nodes without having to walk up to it and hit it

    • Will work for Trees, Rocks, Ore and Bushes

  • The Wilderness Portal Network is born

    • 2 portals have been placed as an initial test

  • Shift, Ctrl and Alt are now bindable keys

Thank you for reading and please join us in the discussion thread!


- The Team at Big Picture Games