Project Update and Patch Notes - Aug 24th, 2018


Greetings Agonians,

In today's news we will be providing a development update on Clan Platinum, Mines and the Relic System along with the official patch notes for today. We also have a follow up on the rollback that occurred in July including the compensation that will be provided to all innocent accounts active at the time.

Project Update

Last Friday our lead development TJ provided a development update on his progress on Clan Platinum and Relics. You can read the entire post by heading to the thread on our forums.

In summary, here is where the team stands on the "Big 3" content systems that are being worked on right now. For an estimated timeline, we expect to be able to release Clan Platinum and Mines onto the Public Test Server for testing in September.

Clan Platinum

The game logic has been coded to allow players the ability to earn Clan Platinum from a variety of activities, including killing monsters, harvesting from resource nodes, and crafting. We also created the ability for clans to designate one of their cities as their Capital City which is where players must be around in order to earn platinum for their clans.

At this point in time we are working on the groundwork for the ability to steal platinum from enemy clans along with the design of the "Platinum Market" where clans can go to purchase items using platinum.

Mines (Resource Control Points)

We are currently working on the capture mechanics for mines which will have "King of the Hill" mechanics. Once that is completed we will be able to start working on placement for where the Mines will be located and what kind of resources they will provide for players.

Relic System

We have taken a step back from the actual development of the relic system to focus on Clan Platinum and Mines. This will allow us to spend more time designing the best system for our players and to gather more feedback. One of the things to note is that we are currently planning to rework the skill extensions that are in-game into the Relic System and to make sure there is as much diversity as possible being added into the design.

Patch Notes - Aug. 24th, 2018

Today we are releasing a patch that focuses on bug fixes and adds a few new things to the game. This includes the addition of the first official Agon's Community Talent (A.C.T.) submission to our Nithron Coin Shop and a new Lottery Ticket found on Champion monsters.

Read below for the full patch notes and thanks to everyone who helped test these changes while it was on the Public Test Server this week.

Item skins

  • A new set of item skins for greatswords added to the Nithron Coin Shop called “Domination”. This is our first official A.C.T. submission!
  • The bug not allowing skins to show on other players has been fixed.


  • Found a bug that would overwrite bank positions and fixed it. If you still have issues with bank positions resetting on teleport or relog please let us know.

Champion Lottery Ticket

  • The Champion Lottery Ticket is a new item that will be placed on the grave of each champion monster. This item has the potential to win millions of gold… or nothing at all. Go out there and try your luck!

Player Housing

  • When you die you now have the option to choose your house bind for your respawn.
  • The house bank is being changed to global access to your regular bank! You can now press F (use) on the house bank and gain access to your regular global bank. Currently pressing G gives you the option to view your house safe contents, but only allows you to withdraw. This will be removed in a future patch.

Combat Adjustments

  • Wall of Force has been placed on the global cooldown group with AoE spells.
  • Needles has been placed on the rank 90 cooldown group.

Bug Fixes

  • Market sales orders should now all work correctly.
  • We believe the issue with the dwarf champion could be related to his relatively low stamina pool so we have increased it substantially. If there are still issues with him not attacking please report it.
  • Multiple item rewards from tasks should now deliver properly (e.g. if it says 2 maps, you should get 2 maps).
  • When you use the “Use” key to interact with a house garden you should no longer lose your ability to use it until relogging.

Compensation for July's Rollback

In July we received reports of a possible dupe when individuals in-game saw numerous items being bought out from the global market. Utilizing our internal tracking system we discovered that a player by the name of Mad Jick had an immense amount of gold on his person, millions of which he had deposited into his clan's bank.

Our customer service team monitored the interactions that Mad Jick was taking part in, along with monitoring players who were taking part of this gold for themselves. 

After spending time making sure we had found and tracked all individuals who were involved, we decided to rollback the servers a few days in order to wipe out any of the illegitimate gold that had entered the game's economy. Although we know that this was not convenient for our players, it would have taken an immense amount of time to go through each transaction of the market individually given how much gold had been involved.

Due to the inconvenience this rollback incurred on innocent players, we will be providing 50 Nithron Coins to all accounts that were active during that time. Everyone has also been given a "Champion Lottery Ticket" as a bonus to promote the new items available as a drop from champions! These will give varying amounts of gold from a hundred to 7 figures(Rare!). Another reason to go and get some friends to hunt those champions!

In the end Mad Jick and any accounts he had access to were permanently banned, and temporary bans were issued on several players who pulled duped gold out of the clan bank. We would also like to thank all of you who sent in reports of potential malicious behavior through the appropriate channels so that we could take action right away.


Thank you for reading today's update and patch notes and have a great weekend.


- The Team at Big Picture Games