Project Update - Apr. 20, 2018


Weekly Development Recap

The team continued working on expanding the capabilities of the Nithron Coin Shop along with laying groundwork required for new items, such as weapon and armor skins. This work is also necessary before we can launch ACT which we plan to do next Friday. Custom gravestones, weapon and armor skins, and many other exciting customization options are coming soon!

We also have something planned for our one-year anniversary for those of you who have stuck with us during this first year. This will be unveiled when we present our Year One Recap on May 5th.

Outside of the enhancements to the NCS and increasing our new item/skin capabilities, the team has been working through some bugs which we plan to patch in next week. Jesse is also working behind the scenes on the backbone of some very exciting inventory/paperdoll upgrades which we will showcase when more work is done to the front-end. He also has greatly enhanced our storage management capabilities with key upgrades to how the game manages accessing data.

ACT Launch Date

As we mentioned in our last update, we have been working behind the scenes preparing for the release of the ACT Initiative (Agon's Community Talent). We will be officially launching this program next Friday, April 27th and will provide a guide on how to submit entries, what kind of entries we are looking for, and the technical requirements for doing so.

All of the details of this program, including the full guide and what you can earn for your work, will be released in next week's recap. Make your mark on Agon while making some cold hard cash too!

Stealing Bound's Booty - GM Event

With all of the recent GM and player sponsored events these past few weeks going on, we wanted to mix it up a bit with an event that took place out in the open seas.

Join us next Saturday, April 28th at 3 p.m. EST for the "Steal Bound's Booty" event. A Ship of the Line warfare vessel will be sailing around the Sea of Morgaine, manned by a group of players who will be streaming the game.

Each streamer will be wielding rare event weapons that are up for grabs. Will you and the residents of Agon be able to take over this ship and acquire these weapons, or will Bound and his Streamer mates prevail and keep the weapons for themselves! We look forward to watching and finding out.