Project Update - Apr. 6, 2018


Weekly Development Recap

The team has been working on a few things since our last update, including a small patch we hope to get out in the next few days. The developers spent time tackling a few final things that arose with the Market Patch, with the last major fixes being included in this next patch, and have now shifted focus on more complex upcoming systems. This includes work on the back-end systems needed for Dynamic Housing and Land Claims, and some final design work on the overall system based on the discussions held in our design thread.

New Internal Workflow

We are always working on ways to enhance our internal workflow process to make it more streamlined and efficient, both from a game design and a development standpoint. Over the last month the team has focused on improving ways for us to be able to patch more often without incurring the additional time and headaches that came along with doing so in the old system. As you may have noticed, this now allows us to patch in smaller systems and fixes more frequently when it makes sense or is applicable. This is why we have been able to have some minor patches since the Market Patch along with this upcoming patch in a few days.

As a team we will work to always find ways to enhance our processes so we can continue do what we love best - adding in new and exciting things for you guys to look forward to in Rise of Agon.

Minor Patch Preview

  • Reagent cost removed from all Lesser Magic spells
  • Clan indicator enabled
  • Global Wallet bug fixes
  • Changes to Chaos Chests
  • New ore vein models and bug fixes
  • And a few new items on the Nithron Coin Shop

Territory Control Design Thread

On Sunday we presented an overview and design of the next patch cycle's main focus - the Territory Control System (TCS). This system is being designed to incentivize and encourage clans to engage in clan warfare and to conquer neighboring land. It will also provide many things for solo and smaller clans to look forward to, including many raiding opportunities, objectives to fight over and new dynamic deployable structures allowing those players to make a place to call their own.

You will notice more of these design threads being released and we encourage all of you to join us in the discussion. We are constantly looking to improve our new systems and your feedback plays a great role in that process.