Easter Eggs

Project Update - Mar. 30, 2018


Weekly Development Recap

On Monday the team released another patch that implemented the new Dynamic Rare Ore Veins as well as a Global Chat. The new rare ore veins spawn around the subcontinents and mainland, providing those that find them ample amounts of rare ore. These spawns are regionalized and reward those players who enjoy exploring and traveling the world. You can read the full details in the patch notes.

Outside of Monday's patch, the development and Q&A teams have been busy working through some bugs and a few things remaining with the Global Wallet system before they dive fully into Dynamic Housing and the Territory Control System.

Dynamic Housing Design Thread

We also presented an initial overview of our plans to implement Dynamic Housing which is being worked on in conjuncture with our Territory Control System. This system will be achieved through the use of Land Claims which is outlined in the thread.

You can read the full plan along with some responses from team members in the official design thread.

Another Developer Enters the Fray

The team is also happy to report that another developer has joined the ranks and is in the process of getting himself up to speed on the code. With this recent addition we have almost doubled our development capabilities from the original three we had at the start of our pivot (TJ, Neil and Teemu) to a total of five with the additions of both Jesse and Dan. We will be presenting an official introduction of Dan in the next newsletter.

We hope you have been enjoying the benefit these new team members bring to the project through the increase in frequency of patches and the content found within!

Agon's Easter Egg Hunt

To celebrate the upcoming holiday, the team is excited to present Agon's Easter Egg Hunt! 

Starting after maintenance tomorrow Saturday, March 31st, players will be able to find dynamically spawned Easter Eggs throughout the world of Agon with over 20,000 Easter Eggs spawning throughout the event! Those who find these eggs will be rewarded with 1 Nithron Coin for each one consumed. There is no limit to how many eggs a single individual can find and they are also tradeable.

During the event all Nithron Coin Packages will also be on a 10% off sale!

The event will end after maintenance on Tuesday, April 3rd. Please note that the Nithron Coins earned during this event will be provided after the event's conclusion.

Easter Eggs

Upcoming GM Events

Battle Royale

We are hosting Rise of Agon's very first Battle Royale event this Monday, April 2nd at 9:00 P.M. EST!

Attendees will be dropped into a soon-to-be-announced location and must scrounge to find bags scattered around the world. These bags will contain various items from weapons, armor and potions. Players must fight to the death, acquiring better gear and items along the way, until only one remains.

Who will lay claim to the unique and coveted Survivalist Title, or maybe even the classic "Help Me" Sound? To find out all the details head over to the official event thread.

B-Hop Competition Reminder

As we mentioned in our last week's update, we are hosting a Bunnyhopping Competition where players are tasked to show off their best bunnyhopping skills. Do you have what it takes to claim one of the prizes? Find out more details by heading over to the announcement thread.