Public Test Server Baradron Patch


Greetings Agonians,

Here is today's notes for our Public Test Server that should be going live later this week. We would love your feedback and testing if possible.

Holding Maintenance

Every holding now has to pay maintenance once per week to keep ownership. There are two separate maintenance deed items, one for hamlets and one for cities with cities costing more for maintenance. To pay maintenance, approach the bindstone of your holding and alt-use. If you have the correct permissions you will have the option to pay maintenance. You must have the deed in your backpack to complete this. When a holding is 24 hours from going neutral a global announcement will be made. Another will be made when it goes neutral.

Clan Platinum

Platinum is the main resource required to craft Maintenance Deeds. Initially the only way to get Platinum will be from villages and sea towers. We plan to add other ways in the future.

Player Villages

Villages have been overhauled this patch. Villages have been in a bad place for a while and the main reason for this is because people were using alts with the system to scale the rewards. With this new system the loot is a static reward per village. It will also go to the backpack of a party member which will be announced in the global capture message. Villages have been divided into four groups with increasing risk/rewards. All villages are portable via billboard once again. One from each of the 3 main groups will go live every 30 minutes.

  • Lawful Villages - These will have the lowest rewards and will be ideal for new players or small groups. The same loot rules apply here as for all lawful areas and players will only drop their backpack if they die here.
  • Lawless Sea Villages - These villages are medium risk, medium reward. These villages will be changed in the near future to the classic damage the stone way of capturing villages with boats only.
  • Lawless Villages - These are high risk, high rewards. Located on the islands and center maps.
  • Chaldean Villages - These are the highest risk, highest reward villages. When a Chaldean Village goes live no others will. There is 5 Chaldean villages, 1 for each island and 1 center map. They will go live once per hour on the hour from 20.00 GMT to 5.00 GMT.

Relocation of Champions

All mainland champions has been relocated to better accommodate for the zone changes that was done with Akathar patch

  • Ironbark the Ancient has been relocated to Yssam
  • Fenris Alpha has been relocated to mainland center
  • Ironbeard Heavyfist has been relocated to Niffheim
  • Warlord Choppah has been relocated to Cairn
  • Vlad Duskward has been relocated to mainland center
  • Siharo Darkbinder has been relocated to Rubaiyat

Sanguine Starter Area

To consolidate all new players even more and for the initial experience to be more enjoyable we have moved the starting area for new players to Sanguine along with all starter quests

Smaller fixes

  • Aradoth had some buildings moved a bit at the bank to block for a gap in the buildings that allowed access behind the models of the buildings
  • Fix for neutral players losing alignment when a player bleeds out
  • Fix for players going rogue in lawful areas accidentally
  • Fix for incorrect labels on paperdoll

Download Public Test Server installer

We hope everybody has a great St. Patrick's day.


The Big Picture Games Team