In game market interface in progress

Public Test Server Patch Notes - Mar 5th, 2018

Greetings Agonians,

 Today we have updated the Public Test Server with the latest patch that we've been working on which includes the long awaited Markets! Market buildings will be added to the various cities but for this test any NPC can be used as a market by walking up and pressing G(Alternate Use Key). Let's dive into the changes:
Download the Public Test Server client: HERE

  • Mount Slot

The purpose of this change is to prevent “chain” mount spawning which affects the risk vs reward of combat and mounts while simultaneously lowering the weight impact of carrying a mount. With this change we will be assessing and changing stats on mounts, health for most will be increased to be more effective.

      • New mount slot on paperdoll and a new mount spawn skill under general in the skills list to spawn whatever mount is equipped in the slot.
      • Mount figurines equipped in the paperdoll will have their weight reduced by 90%.
      • Figurines that spawn a rideable item such as boats, mounts and warhulks have been increased to a standard 400kg weight. The basic raft figurine is the only exception to this rule, it has been slightly decreased to 50kg.
      • If you don’t have a mount equipped and a figurine enters your backpack from the bank or from despawning a figurine it will automatically equip into your backpack.

  • Bindstone changes in NPC cities

All races with 0+ alignment can now freely bind in any of the NPC racial cities on the main continent.

  • Map filter Search bar changes

The filter box that allows you to search on the worldmap will remain open at all times, to help promote it as many users were unaware of it due to the too slim tab to open it on the top of the map. Use this to search the map for anything from a mob spawn to a mob family or crafting stations and specific NPCs.


  • GM Help button

To facilitate getting help from the GMs instead of a cryptic /GM_Help message(Which still works if you are old fashioned!) there is now a GM Help button in the options menu for easy paging of a GM if you have any questions or issues in game.


  • Adjusted village loot tables

Some small adjustments to existing items in the village loot tables to remove some of the less desirable rewards that were “stacking up” for some users. Villages will be getting a loot change to tie into the territory control patch we’re focusing for the next big feature. The current loot table was a stop-gap to make them valuable currently as a point of contention until they could have the territory control mechanisms in place to tie into as planned. A new type of currency is planned for these villages which will be used for powering/expanding territory.


  • Misc/General fixes:
    • Dropped containers(IE: Dropping items on the ground) now have the weight of inventory shown when you look at the item, to prevent going overweight accidentally.
    • Hit sounds are enabled by default now on new characters.
    • Improvements to batch move system on delete to optimise. This is a groundwork change needed for gearbag templates which is in the works but didn’t make it in this patch.
    • Bugfix: Bag renaming only taking effect after relog should now be fixed and update immediately.


  • Crafting Changes

Mastery level melee weapons have had their recipes normalized with properly scaling rares from lowest to highest rarity: Selentiner(r50), Veilron(r60), Neithal(r60/r70), Leenspar,(r70/r80), Theyril(r80). Weapons will now use the same rare costs so all are balanced for the rare cost in the same mastery rank.


  • Last but not least: Markets, the main focus of this patch.

Markets are opening all over agon! The Merchants Guild Alliance(MGA) is pleased to open its doors across all the capital cities of the great races of Agon as well as many chaos cities emerging economies around the world. The market is a hub to place orders for agon’s gifted crafters to make items and gear for you or for those gifted crafters to sell their wares at competitive prices!

    • Markets are locally grouped for listing buy and sale orders
    • You can search and buy globally from any market in Agon however their are distance based fees for using the MGA transportation services.
    • For placing buy or sale orders there is currently a flat 3% fee at any market globally, this fee is paid by the party who placed the order at the time it is placed.
    • An additional 2% is charged as sales tax on fulfilling an order, in all cases the user selling an item either on a sale order or fulfilling a buy order pays this fee, the fee is deducted from the earned gold.
    • There is a distance fee that is always paid by the buyer of 0.1% per km to a max distance of 3%(30km). Minimum distance fee is 0.01g, the MGA isn’t greedy we charge you only based on the distance you travel!
    • Orders have duration options of 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 14 days or 30 days.
    • Canceled orders will return none of the 3% listing fee, expired orders will return 50% of the listing fee.
    • Stackable items are listed at a per item price and can be bought per item it doesn’t have to be the whole stack. Example: Listing 1,000 iron ore for sale at 6g each, you can buy any amount between 1 and 1,000, whatever is left over will remain on the market to be bought/fulfilled by another player.
    • Buy orders for gear currently must be filled with full durability quality player crafted items.
    • Players can have 50 orders(Sale/buy combined) on a local market, there is no global maximum and players are encouraged to try their goods and services in multiple markets around the world!
    • All transactions on the MGA markets are facilitated through the new Global Wallet service we provide. This is linked already for those who subscribe to our global banking service and any banked gold is available in your global wallet. Most NPCs, crafting and shops in the world will be able to use the Global Wallet.


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- The Team at Big Picture Games