Public Test Server Patch Notes - November 25th, 2017


We are releasing a patch to PTS this morning, the main focus of this patch is the village bill boards. Villages are on 5 minute timers and 5 score to win to help with testing. Other changes including crafting window updates, in game map enhancements, more anti-grief protections and a few others.

You can download the PTS server lobby by following this link here.

Please note that these are preliminary patch notes - official patch notes will be posted when the live server is patched next week.

  • Crafting
    • Visually updated the crafting and remote crafting windows.
    • Professions that are not obtained yet are greyed out and show the requirements necessary to learn each profession
  • In-Game Map Enhancements
    • Cities and Hamlets on the map now show which Clan owns them.
  • Villages
    • Adjusted the timer in which villages go live.  Six villages now go live every hour.
    • Global message has been added stating when a village has been capped and by the number of members in the party who capped it. (Ex, A party of 6 has successfully captured the village of Trinwood.)
    • Village Billboards have been added to each Capital City.  Players can port to all active villages or 30 minutes prior to the village being active, for a cost of 1000 gold.
  • Miscellaneous
    • The cost of Gem Enchants on all quality of gems has been reduced to 100 gold.
    • Rage will now automatically unlock at 40 strength/40 vitality.
  • Anti-Grief
    • War targets can no longer be freely attacked inside npc lawful or capital cities. War targets will display their true alignment color inside these zones with the war target icon. There is no change outside these zones.

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- The Team at Big Picture Games