Various races of Agon standing on deck fully geared. Rise of Agon text and spiral logo on top of the image.

Quick Patch Update - Mar. 1st, 2018


Greetings Agonians,

A quick update on patch progress on markets: Goal is to have it on the public test server this weekend and patch it in next week if all goes well in final player testing!

Some of the more advanced features we designed for the market will be coming in a follow up patch but we think users will enjoy the launching feature set. The basic features of the market that you all will get to test in a few days include:

  • Buy orders
  • Sale orders
  • Buy lowest and Sell highest convenience options
  • Local listings with global purchasing/selling and distance fees for fulfilling orders from another market
  • Drag and drop for buy/sale orders
  • Filters and sorting options for things like price, location and durability
  • Transaction history and orders tabs
  • Global wallet

We've created a basic FAQ on using the markets in a document to help cover some basics: Market FAQ Manual

We look forward to hearing feedback from everyone and please join in the discussion for any questions and comments!

Join us in the discussion.


- The Team at Big Picture Games