Rare Groves - Crog Update Patch Notes - July 30th, 2020


Greetings Agonians,

Today we have the long awaited Rare Groves and some bug fixes. The groves should provide raid incentives for clans while not being at a disadvantage by city buffs and towers since the groves are all located outside city system limits. We will monitor how this mechanic plays out over the next few days/weeks and the functionality is already in place to do the same thing for Mines.

Rare Groves

  • Rare Groves have been added to the following holdings, the rares provided correspond with the rares available on each island
  • Chuharcua Bay, Frost Coast, Izkand, Kholesh, Long March, Marithain, Ymennek
  • Each Rare Grove will go live at a random time inside the owning clan's active window which is visible on world map
  • Once the grove is emptied the timer will be set to the next active window.


  • Fix for weapon bar cycling two entries at once
  • Fixes to make weapon bar cycling more consistent
  • Disable trigger mechanic on weapon bar when mounting and using auto-leans
  • Fix to reset cycle when weapon bar slot is activated
  • Fix for mage guild sign transparency issues
  • Impulse has been tweaked based on community feedback: Cast time reduced, missile speed reduced, max distance reduced, mass increased and can no longer add speed extension.