Rare Mines - Crog Update Patch Notes - August 25th, 2020


Greetings Agonians,

Today, we have the natural progression of the Rare Grove patch from last month. Mines have received the same mechanics as groves have across the board. This has resulted in a reduction in the total number of rare mines across Agon. Holdings that had a mine previously which have not received a rare mine have a new type. This mine provides normal iron ore and has a chance for all rares like normal iron nodes in the wild.

One of the issues with the Groves was the inconsistency of a clan's active window. Clans having no control over the active time and different clans using the invulnerable window for different purposes. This patch also adds the ability for clans to control their own active time. The notes are as follows:

Territory Control Systems

  • Rare mines have been added to two holdings on each sub-continent corresponding with the rare metal that is localized to them. The holdings that have received the mines are:
    • Theyril - Frostbourne and Mamengruk
    • Leenspar - Serruk and Dayar
    • Neithal - Ul'Hamra and Ghanalaj
    • Veilron - Apautan and Talpec
    • Selentine - Andruk, Dagnamyr, Erinthel and Mar Shral
  • Holdings that previously had a mine that didn't receive a rare mine, have a normal mine that provides iron ore with a chance for rares.
  • Rare mine module cost scales based on rarity, this has been applied to rare groves also.
  • New icons have been added to the world map for rare groves and rare mines.
  • Clans now have the ability to set their Active Window as well as the Invulnerable Window. All hours outside of these will now be inactive hours.


  • The cooldown has been removed from how often you can jump in water
  • Hitting the forward key will not cancel auto-running inline with how it works in other MMO's
  • Fixed an issue with Goblin spawn south of Sanguine
  • Slightly reduced the spawn area size of Demon in center dungeon to prevent it getting stuck and despawning.

That's all for today's patch, we should have a follow up patch later in the week with any tweaks needed. We are also making good progress with the relic system and that should be our next larger content patch.


- The team at Big Picture Games