Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt Event - July 13th - July 31st*


Greetings Agonians!

*Updated event to end July 31st, plenty of time to get the final toy! So far 9 of 10 have been found, the graphic below has been updated to reflect the toys found!*

It is now time to begin the first Rise of Agon scavenger hunt!

Ten monsters have had a new collectible toy added to their loot table and each one has a reward tied to it. These toys are very rare but you never know, you could find one on your first kill.

Over time we will have many such scavenger hunts, eventually adding a toy for every monster in the game. Be the first person to find one of the toys and post a screenshot here of the toy in your backpack.

Use the picture below to figure out which monsters have toys. The number below the pictures represents how many nithron coins are up for grabs for the first person to find each of the toys and submit their screenshot here!

Happy hunting and good luck!


- The Team at Big Picture Games


Updated Scavenger hunt