Today's Patch and Upcoming Content


Discord Focus Group

We wanted to start by thanking everyone who has been participating in our Discord Focus Group these past few weeks. This back and forth with you all has been extremely helpful to the development process and we plan to continue utilizing it moving forward. We invite all of you to join and take part in the discussion on the new systems coming down the pipe, especially in regards to the new content outlined in this update. 

Today's Patch

The development team released a patch that has been cooking on the Public Test Server throughout the week. This patch focuses on a few key areas:

  • Alignment Revamp - We revamped the entire alignment system to alleviate previous pain points utilizing a Kill Count system
    • Alignment points regenerate over time and no longer are gained in dungeons or by praying
    • Everyone in negative alignment has a one-time ability to get an alignment reset
  • Player Cities
    • War Zones - Player cities now expand their radius to 1.5km when sieged (NPC cities take precedent)
    • Portal Chambers added back to all cities
    • System messages reactivated for when players break system
  • Clan Name Change Token
    • Added to Nithron Coin Shop

Full patch notes

Upcoming Content

There are three key content systems we are working on right now. Due to the extent of what we wish to accomplish with the Territory Control System, we plan to break it up into smaller pieces that we can work on separately and get implemented in-game more quickly. Resource Control Points and Clan Platinum are the first two on the docket and are outlined below, and both aim to create incentives to own holdings and drive clan conflict. We are also working on our Relic System which will provide players with many ways to customize their character in combat and in other means, along with long-term goals to work towards.

The following outlines these three systems and links to their design threads, and we encourage all of you to join us in the discussion:

Resource Control Points

New mine facility structures will be placed in static locations around Agon which can be fought over and claimed by clans. These facilities will provide rare materials and resources in the form of resource crates, which can be stolen by enemy clans or obtained by the ones controlling them for major reward. The crates must be transported to a bank in a player or NPC city before being opened, providing ample opportunity for opposing players to defend their clan's resources or steal it from those who already control it.

Design discussion

Clan Platinum

Clans will be able to acquire a new currency called Platinum that can be earned by activities they perform in their city's territory. Platinum will be provided based on the difficulty of the task and only earned from clan members bound near that city. As examples, this means that more Platinum will be provided when harvesting Iron Ore when compared to Stone, or when killing a higher tier mob compared to a Goblin. This new currency can be used to purchase siege equipment, help reduce the cost of things such as crafting, or even expand the area that city bonuses apply to.

Design discussion

Relic System

With the removal of specializations in our recent Combat Patch, we now move on to the Relic System. New items called relics will drop from monsters around the world which are imbued with randomized bonuses and drawbacks. Players can find these and attune them to their character which prevents them from dropping on death. This new system will provide an immense amount of options for character customization and create those much needed moments of excitement when finding that "perfect" relic for your build.

Design discussion

Other Development Work

There are other areas of the game that are currently being worked on by various team members. Read below to catch up on what everyone is working on:

Jesse (Kilrath)

  • Markets and Billboards in player cities
    • Goal is to make them buildable, but if it will take too much time they may be placed statically
  • Inventory system redesign
    • Enhancing the inventory system to be more fluid and user friendly
  • Equipment templates
    • Looking into templates for equipment and/or quick access buttons

TJ (Kilrain)

  • Making loot bags useful
    • Create new bags designated as "Loot Bags" that will decrease item weight
    • Three tiers of bags (10%, 15%, and 20% weight reduction) that can be crafted, NCS bought or rare drops respectively
  • Testing glow effects
    • Working on adding more character customization through skins and glow effects

Neil (Neilk)

  • House Spawning
    • Working on ability to choose between spawning at your house or normal bindstone upon death


  • UI development enhancement
    • Working on new methods for our team to edit, create and modify the game's user interface which will vastly improve our ability to work with it