Twitch Q&A - Date TBD


Hi everyone,

As part of our endeavor to provide more ways for you in the community to interact with us on the team, along with continuing our efforts of increasing communication and transparency, we are hosting a live Twitch Q&A session coming up in early June. We have had to reschedule this event due to scheduling conflicts and will post the changed date in the near future. You will be able to join us for the event by heading over to our official Twitch page.

This Q&A will be hosted by TJ (Director of Development) and Michael (Community Manager) and will revolve around the following topics:

1) Overview of the first year since Rise of Agon launched
2) Review of the project's financial status and details on donation packages
3) Discussion on the next upcoming two systems:
  • Combat Paths expansion
  • Territory Control System

We hope to see you join us and look forward to the conversation!


- The Team at Big Picture Games