Traversing the Seas in a Launch

Update: July 5th, 2016


Hi everyone,

Today we have a video to present on some of the new changes being prepared for when the servers come back online. Our new developers continue to get themselves up to speed on the code and the tools we use for development and they have already begun working on tasks in our development pipeline. At the moment they are focused on changes such as our new skill magnitude and progression curves, our new node capacity and harvesting times, initial skill gain rates and many other changes. Below are more details on the few changes shown in the video, and we plan on doing many more of these kinds of videos as we focus on our game design pipeline.


Online Meditation:

As mentioned Meditation has been enabled to be active during Online play as well as during times a player is Offline. Currently the rates for both Online and Offline meditation gains are the same, but we will be looking for feedback from our community once it goes into testing. At the moment we are reviewing which skills and spells will be included in meditation outside of stats and spell schools, and we would love to hear your thoughts on this.


Right-click Looting:

Another change is the ability to loot items and bags by pressing right-click. This will work for both PvP and PvE items, including bags and their contents, and is a quality of life change we wanted to implement.


Batch Move on Items:

As we discussed in a previous update, one of the new features getting implemented is a batch move function for alike items that are non-stackable (such as weapons, tools, etc). This feature allows you to move items in either an offset (by holding SHIFT) or on top of one another (by holding ALT). Items such as weapons will also sort by damage first, and durability second. Keep in mind that the "B" icon is only a placeholder right now for testing.




We look forward to your feedback on these changes and you can let us know in the discussion thread. Thank you for reading today's update and have a great evening.


- The Team at Big Picture Games