Kraken Attacking a Ship

Update: July 8th, 2016


Hi everyone,

We are making a lot of progress on some of the developer tasks in our game design pipeline and we hope to have a few more things included in our initial patch. Our lead developers have fully resolved the issues we were having with obfuscation since our last update and this is currently in testing. Now our Phase 1 security measures dealing with authentication are in place and the obfuscation of the code completed. We will be working with our licensor on final testing and once they pass our mutual inspection the servers will be brought back online. The current ETA we have for the reopening of our servers, along with our first game changing patch, is the end of next week or early the week following. As always we will keep you updated if this date changes, but this is our best estimate we have at the moment.

There has also been a lot of discussion around developer interaction during this server downtime. Today we wanted to go over what our Developer Forums are and the purpose they will have, as well as go over a few things we plan to do throughout Closed Beta and Open Beta.

The Developer Forums is a new forum section that will open up once the servers come back online and we launch our first patch. This forum will allow anyone with a Founder Pack the ability to post and join in on the discussions taking place, and will be read-only access to everyone else. We will not only have topics opened on specific things we are looking for feedback on, but our development team will be interacting in threads relevant to aspects of the project they are working on. As we progress through our development pipeline, and begin to address the many areas we will be focusing on, this feedback will be critical in shaping how the game is developed.

We will also be talking about more long-term goals that we have for the project, as we look forward to your feedback on these areas of the game. Another thing we will be doing is having more Q&A's where we can focus on specific areas of the game and many other topics on our community's mind. We really enjoyed the last one that we held and we will be using our Twitch channel for our future ones. Our Twitch channel will also hold Developer Streams when appropriate, and we feel it is a great platform to use for interaction with our playerbase.

We hope you all enjoy the upcoming weekend and make sure to join us in the discussion!


- The Team at Big Picture Games