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A few questions from returning player.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Earl Grey, 21 March 2022.

  1. Earl Grey

    Earl Grey Goblin Warrior

    26 November 2016
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    • Why do you ask for phone# to use Discord? Really why? IMHO it can only push put player. I dont want to give away more info then absolutely necessary
    • Your wiki is dead. (https://wiki.riseofagon.com/Main_Page ) "New player help" is half dead from what I remember. I had to delete 90 of web links from Darkfall tab case all of them dead and I dont see any replacement
    • SUP with FPS settings? I have to adjust it to 60 (my monitor refresh rate) every time I login. I tried "save GUI" command to no results
    • Not too many (if at all) new players but spawns refresh in very fast rate. Its great for populated server but not atm.
    Dont take me wrong. I love game and I do appreciate Dev effort to keep it running and hope you succeed.
    One think to keep in mind its good game information and its lacking atm IMHO
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  2. aparks

    aparks Obsidian Golem
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    9 September 2015
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    Forums are the face of the game and forums aren’t really being updated by BPG. They need to show us they are interested in their own product but it seems to be on the back burner.

    Discord is way dumb trying to join it. They put a few steps and hurdles in. Not sure why it’s not like before when you could just click the link and talk.

    Only so much a wiki can do, but should be updated. I recently logged back in last weekend and asked a bunch of people about all the changes they were upset nice and helpful updating me on changes since the time when rune booked were changed.

    FPS settings were find for me. If you never deleted df from your pc you can get your old settings back fro %appdata% -> darkfall folder. I can maybe upload mine somewhere so you can download, but than you will have to change your hot keys.

    I also found that spawn rate is super fast and it gets difficult to loot. Atleast we don’t have to to skin anymore that would be hell. So easy and medium mobs spawn quicker the faster you kill them so if you take it easy than you can adjust their spawn timer. Some harder mobs to kill have super long spawn timers. I feel like those timers need to be sped up (Center map mobs).

    I tested trade runs last weekend they are cool but I feel like we should be able to risk multiple trade packs. Maybe make it 1 for a blue tail, 2 for normal pet, 3 for battlehorn. That way we feel like we’re actually doing medieval trucking.

    Lastly we do need a lot more communication. Not only from the devs and BPG members but from the players!

    I offer my time on my days off from work if you guys want to add me back to BPG @Andrew (kimoshu).
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