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A message to Alfarians

Discussion in 'Clan Discussion' started by Bandeeet, Sep 20, 2020.

  1. Bandeeet

    Bandeeet Goblin Scout

    Jan 29, 2016
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    This is CID

    We have reached a strange place in space
    I have seem to been partly reptilianiated

    The shapeshifting abilities of reptiles by TV show
    And or House
    Seen to effect me more then usual
    My corona immunity systems are in repairing

    The human lands are a strange place
    They seem to have been researching this technology on reptiles around for quite a while

    The unimmuned reptiles seem to be a lot more easily effected by this technology

    The humans have created a reptilian link to my mind to ask me questions about my dating preference

    Although I believe this is Mike having a laugh and wanting me to see what is possible to be done to reptilians while my corona immunity is not on full shields

    This thing bein done on the reptilians is a disgrace to the planet and the galaxy

    If my vote still counts as Alfarians
    I would vote to move forces

    Although I am listening to shitty music

    Alfarians do not negotiate with these farie jump shippers

    My corona immunity is in repairs

    These faries seem to be able to create shadow trails of a compromised Alfarians / reptiles / humans
    And they joke about this with their Android mocking Agenda
    By calling it scripts as if the effected people are machines

    This is a disgracing mind trick by these ritch OS apple using MFKin faries

    There should be no reason people who use Android phones cause of lack of funds should be abused like this
    Simply cause how deep their pockets are ?!

    Show them Noga will fight this Pay 2 win wave
    And the planet would be restored to glory

    Amen good
    --- Post updated ---
    The real secret of free energy
    Housing homeless people
    And how to make people care about
    If their country earns money