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Adjusting racial skill

Discussion in 'Game Design Discussion' started by Borracha (Glandurim), May 5, 2020.

  1. Borracha (Glandurim)

    Mar 19, 2016
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    (Old) Alfar Cunning Increases maximum Mana by 15 points.
    (New) Magic knowledge : Increases buff / debuff duration.
    PS: This makes more sense for the race whose strongest point is intelligence.

    (Old) Alfar Resilence Decreases Magical damage received by 1.5 points.
    (New) Magic Expert: increases magic damage by 1.5
    PS: Alfar visually is not a race that you define as a tanker, night elves are the type of bad guys, they worry about damage.

    (Old) Alfar Intellect Increases durability on crafted staves.
    (New) Mind reinforced : more natural resistance to debuff
    PS: they are not a breed specialized in craft, this is for the bearded people


    (Old) Dwarven Perseverance Ability that reduces stamina drain.
    (New) Dwarven Perseverance: stamina loss is slightly less for dwarfs " passively "
    PS: Here we try to remove something that is never used in the game, people just remember to use rage, this active skill of the dwarf has been forgotten by everyone, it is not viable in combat *

    (Old) Dwarven Steelmaster Increases the durability of armor and weapons.
    (New) Dwarven Steelmaster: Weapons and armor made by dwarves (consider staff as a weapon) are better, they have more durability and greater efficiency (+1 damage)
    PS: with this change playing with dwarf becomes more immersive, the race has its most expressive lore characteristic! A simple change that is not over power but that will make the race more interesting and fun. *

    (Old) Dwarven Durability Increases maximum health by 10 points.
    (New) Dwarven Durability: Increases maximum health by 20 points.


    (Old) Human Ingenuity Increases the duration of foods by up to 15%.
    (New) Contacts: 20% lower marketing sales tax.
    PS: Humans are an astute and sometimes immoral race when it comes to power. Over the years, humans have been the race that most gained power in society, many marketings around the world are controlled by humans and they do not refuse to give advantages to others of their race.

    (Old) Human Willpower Increases mana by 10 points.
    (New) Combat technique: + 1.5 damage on the back / +10% abosorption when blocking.
    PS: Humans may not have a stronger or lighter hand but they outweigh genetic advantages with their brain.

    (Old) Human Longevity Increases buff/debuff duration.
    (New) Versatility: You can add + 10 maximum points in one of the three options: vatality, mana or stamina.

    PS: Humans are dynamic, their physical constitution balanced and their curiosity makes this race the most different from each other when it comes to body and mind, some follow the path of the study of magic, others give a higher priority to physical condition.


    (Keep) Mahirim Huntspeed Increases run speed.
    PS: Currently the most broken racial! If there is an improvement in other racials it can stay, this is what I did in my suggestions.

    (Old) Mahirim Endurance Increases stamina by 15 points.
    (New) Wolf Jump: Small increase in the height and distance of the mahirim jump
    PS: Although the difference in heels is small, this will enable better mobility in flares and jumps on structures.

    (Old) Mahirim Reflexes Increases natural melee and ranged protections by 1.5
    (New) Mahirim Reflexes: Increases natural melee and ranged protections by 1

    Ps:Mahirim reflexes is currently the second most broken racial skill in the game, while some races do 1.25 more damage with their respective racial skills, the mahirim absorbs 1.5, nullifies all the racial advantage of the others.


    (Keep) Mirdain Sight Increases identification range greatly.

    (Old) Mirdain Precision Increases damage with archery by 1.25.
    (New) Mirdain Precision Increases damage with archery by 2

    (Old) Mirdain Insight Increases maximum stamina by up to 15 points.
    (New) Mirdain Insight Increases maximum stamina by up to 20 points.


    (Old) Orkish Brutality Increase melee damage with all melee weapons by 1.25.
    (New) Orkish Brutality Increase melee damage with all melee weapons by 1.5.

    (Old) Orkish Toughness Increases maximum health by 15 points.
    (New) Heavy weight: Knock-up in Orks is less
    PS: I believe that we need to diversify the racial characteristics, the dwarf in medieval fantasies has always been a race with a more powerful physical constitution, for this reason the racial quality "greater health" was just for them.

    (Old) Orkish Capacity Increases maximum carry capacity.
    (New) Orkish Capacity: Increases maximum carry capacity enough to carry a mount more than is already possible.
    PS: I realize that this racial characteristic is not balanced, it does not have a consistent effect like some others, so I suggest the possibility of charging more than enough for one more mount, the skills cannot be over power but they must have some impact, this change does that.
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  2. Bonii

    Bonii Winterbound

    Jan 29, 2016
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    you need to be arrested
  3. Statusquo

    Statusquo Goblin Warlord
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    Apr 11, 2016
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    I would also like to add that Dwarves can make better durability weapons and armor, Alfar make better staffs but why do Mirdains not make higher durability bows?
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  4. Borracha (Glandurim)

    Mar 19, 2016
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    My idea is to keep the dwarves up as masters of the forge, elves know how to use bows in the best way, but no race knows how to make equipment as well as dwarves, they love their work.
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    #4 Borracha (Glandurim), May 9, 2020
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