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Discussion in 'Game Design Discussion' started by Kiyayne, Sep 22, 2018.

  1. Kiyayne

    Kiyayne Goblin Shaman

    Feb 2, 2016
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    Read it all first before you shit your mouth.

    So we want people to be able to 'specialize' without actually limiting their gameplay choices through hard lockouts and such right? Here's my idea that may need slight tinkering.

    Attunement would be a stacking buff that could either be permanent or temporary, each time you cast a spell from a school you would gain a stack of this buff for that school or if you already had an attunement to a different school decrease that one. Each stack could grant 'x.xx%' increased effect in that school's spells.

    So that whole decreasing thing I said before, what is it? Well my current preferred method is to have different schools than the one of your current attunement causing a decrease in it by 'x'. Except for the opposing school which would completely eliminate your current attunement.

    The number of stacks, duration of the buff, % effect gain per stack, and decrement amount for using other schools are all up for debate.
  2. Dartemiss

    Dartemiss Air Elemental

    Jan 29, 2016
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    Too complicated.

    Just make it simple and sensical. Opposing schools of magic lock you out from the other.

    A mage can unlock Fire School but then that locks out Water. Ect. Necro locks out Arcane and vice versa.


    Specialization Points System. You get so many per character. 1 spec point into Fire opens up all spells up to level 50. 2 spec points opens up spells to level 75. 3 more spec points opens spells at level 100. That's 6 spec points to have full access to a school of magic.

    Say a mage gets a total of 15 spec points. Some will choose mastery in 1 or 2 trees and some will mix and match.
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  3. Token

    Token Goblin Warrior

    Apr 9, 2016
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    Agreed too complicated.
    More Simple. Less Dev Time. Faster Patch

    But that sounds New Dawn?
    I am still rooted in the "classless" game dfo was.

    Just differentiate the different magic schools.
    Have each schools appropriate nukes 90s/50s etc have a certain effect on them relative to the element.

    Fire = Knockups + Burns?
    Water = Slows/ Freeze(more potent, less duration)
    Earth = Debuff - Armor Debuffs, Maybe Corrosive dots added.
    Air = Speed - Lower Dmg, Faster Speeds, Travel Speed

    If each tier is on a global or similar cooldown.
    This limits you to chose which spell you want to implicate which extra effect.
    This also makes particular protections more useful - i.e protection enchants.

    Maybe with armor changes / updates they can add armor types with varying protections.
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