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Chaos Banks and Crafting

Discussion in 'Project Suggestions' started by Willbonney, Apr 25, 2021.

  1. Willbonney

    Willbonney New Member

    Aug 16, 2020
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    My thought is rather simple. If you're going to keep no mastery crafting NPC cities /w guard towers but allow mastery crafting in Chaos Cities for us no-clanners, add 1 or 2 crafting stations at Chaos Banks areas. There's only what? Three Chaos Cities on the mainland? Then one each on each island? But there are quite a few no-tower Chaos Banks, like 3 in each old "racial area" and 2 or 3 each island. Make 'em a bit more useful. I'm thinking the material transfer stations are unneeded (like smelter), but one metal or wood and one magic station in each would be nice. Like an anvil with a lab. Or an enchanter with a Workbench. Or an oven with an anvil. That sort of thing.
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