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City Walls

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by WilliamTell, 31 October 2020.

  1. WilliamTell

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    3 April 2016
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    !feedback In the city editor add upgradable walls for each tier of rare ingots. Default would be as is now, selentine would add a sheet of metal for extra health. veilron could increase the height by 45%, neithal adds razor wire to the top and pitch bucket above the gate, leenspar adds a heavy coat of armor insteal of metal and more health, theyril adds an additional 5% or so height and spikes at the base of the walls. The idea is to increase holding value by making it harder to jump into, as a full heavy destro it should be hard to get over upgraded walls. This would increase city value and protection, forcing the use of warhulks more to raid a city, all at the same time removing rares from the game while adding cool castle features to a medieval game.
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