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Clan Deity Choice Land Towers

Discussion in 'Project Suggestions' started by Marxman, Nov 23, 2019.

  1. Marxman

    Marxman Obsidian Golem

    Apr 15, 2016
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    This is just a pretty random idea I had thinking about how we can get darkfall lore more involved into pvp along with land towers and I haven't fully thought it through and every little piece of this is up in the air so I don't mind any tweaks/additions or taking certain parts out entirely but this is what I got so far,

    • A selection of deities based on new lore that clans can choose from (with a 7 day cooldown or something) which give different bonuses (some ice god gives ice protection idk)
    • Pre-designated spots all across the map which have an unbuilt structure base that can be repaired and whichever clan fully repairs it has a statue of their god replace the unbuilt structure.
    • The more of your statues you have built, the higher your ice protection bonus or w.e. is (within reason ofc, a max of about 2 points I'd guess).
    • Deities that only clans of singular races can choose, such as an alfar clan choosing an alfar deity that only they have access to which boosts their racial bonuses
    • A warning when someone is destroying your statue, such as when your house is being attacked, with enough health on the statues to make it where it has to be more of a clan event and gives people time to port in and defend. The health of the statue also regenerates very slowly to prevent naked griefing and tedious repairs. If it is completely destroyed the structure turns back into an unbuilt structure and does not regenerate.
    • Ability to bind runestones at statue locations, and if your god is built there you are able to use the rune, or maybe use only one charge where others have to use 2
    • An extension of the clan tag to include which deity that clan worships, and a new color for non-aligned clans who follow your same deity (can re-appropriate purple so it's actually useful or something)
    • The Deities Chosen People: A point system that tracks how much damage a clan has done to other deity statues along with how much they have repaired their own and whoever has the most points becomes the "chosen" people of that particular deity. The deities chosen can decide to excommunicate other clans in their religion so they will still show as enemies to all who worship that deity and cannot receive the deity bonus. That way not everyone simply worships the most powerful deity who was the most statues built, it will largely be centered around specific alliances while allowing small and newer clans to join in the fold. Allowing those who are excommunicated to still worship the deity rather than being banned outright will allow them to possibly one day usurp power from the chosen clan, that way if they REALLY want to worship that specific deity (for whatever reason) it is always still possible and they can't simply be locked out forever. "Deity Points" or w.e. you want to call them should be reduced by 10% every few weeks or so that way some large inactive clan with an ass load of points can still be usurped by a new up-and-comer clan without having to wait for months. Small amounts of Deity Points can be lost for ganking those of your same faith unless excommunicated (cannot be gained for ganking enemies to avoid exploits). Allow Deity Points to be spent on unique dyes for worshippers that only they can have access to (will basically be like clan dyes in a sense). The deities chosen also have to choose a window that allows their statues to be attacked for a few hours, exactly like siege windows, to prevent server up griefing.
    • Replace alignment with piety, the more you damage/repair deity structures the higher your piety is. Piety decreases over time slowly (because we are all sinners), but everyone receives a daily log in bonus that prevents their piety from decreasing for 24 hours along with +5 piety points. If you have max piety, your deity bonus is personally increased by 50%. If you have negative piety (from ganking non-excommunicated members of your faith), your bonus is reduced to a maximum of -50%. This will encourage everyone in the clan to participate and not leave it up to a handful of pvbers, otherwise we will all be bowing down to a dwarven god the devout Battle Saints impose on us against our wills.
    • Whichever clan builds a deity statue of a god receives in their clan bank unique items specific to that god, such as an alfar polearm from an alfar god, along with some sort of monetary payment that can be easily divided among the clan without too much hassle and without putting too much gold into the economy needlessly.
    • When a deity statue is built it becomes invulnerable to attack for 24 hours.
    • Deity Points are gained at a slower rate for larger clans. For example, a clan of 1 that builds a deity statue will receive 150 deity points, a clan of two will receive 149 points, a clan of three will receive 148.1 points.
    - 1.00000 points for a clan of 2
    - .900000 points for a clan of 3
    - .810000 points for a clan of 4
    - .729000 points for a clan of 5
    - .656100 points for a clan of 6
    - .590490 points for a clan of 7
    - .531441 points for a clan of 8

    A loss of 1 point per person, with a 10% diminishing loss rate. So if you have 2 members and build a statue, you receive 149 points. If you have 3 members, you receive 148.1 points. If you have 4 members, you receive 147.29 points. If you have 5 members, you receive 146.561 points, etc. This way nobody ever really reaches a ridiculously low number of deity points, despite gaining progressively less.

    Please keep in mind these are largely just spitball ideas, a general framework. By no means do I think this is a perfect plan, just something to work with hopefully if people like the idea. We can call it the Unholy Wars expansion :p
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  2. Billy Lee

    Billy Lee Loremaster
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    May 3, 2017
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    Pretty slick idea. I could see the statues being some kind of altars too. It'd be fun to partake in something like this.
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  3. Inositol

    Inositol Obsidian Golem

    Jan 31, 2016
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    Ok, we're finally moving toward the mainstays of every totalitarian regime: Statues.

    I'll take mine in human male form, and uh... 2% bonus to shield parry amount. Also, when a player prays to me-uh.. I mean my statue, can we make it so they do the "Point_front" or w/e that emote is? That's be dope.

    I can't wait for our unifor... dyes. I'm thinking matte black with red accents.

    Also, if we destroy every dwarf monument, can we enslave that entire comehithering race? YOU HEAR THAT GEEZY? YOUR PEOPLE WILL LOOK TO YOU AND ASK, WHY? - and you'll look down at their dirty, shitty dwarf faces, and without even blinking, you'll simply tell them the truth: Gold.
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