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Consolidated New Player Guide

Discussion in 'New Player Tips & Tricks' started by Skotemo, Jan 26, 2017.

  1. Skotemo

    Skotemo Akathar

    Apr 11, 2016
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    This is intended to be a consolidated list of things for NEW players to Darkfall:Rise of Agon

    I'll be adding more screenshots and videos as I can

    I apologize for it being a literal WALL OF TEXT
    I tried to write a TLDR but then I realized this IS a TLDR
    Take the parts that you think you need and leave the rest.

    Feel free to add to the discussion anything you might feel noteworthy.

    • The Default key-bind that lets you switch between I HAVE A MOUSE TO CLICK AROUND and HOW THE EFF DO I MOVE???? Is going to be ESCAPE...
    • Toggling between these modes lets you do things like chat, loot baddies, craft items, move the UI around, access other items and MOVING AROUND AND DOING STUFF.
    • Once you got that down, toggle to your UI mode (chat etc) and find the tab for your JOURNAL, go to it, and go to meditation. START Meditating (be sure to click the start meditating box at the bottom), I'd suggest focusing on stats first (read about each stat in your paperdoll (P) if you are unsure about what they do and the benefits they can give)
    • When you're starting out focus mostly on doing the quests and tasks that lead you to your capital city. this is going to be your hub for the first little bit.
    • As soon as you can: pick a 2handed weapon style and stick to it. One handed weapons are slightly better for PVE in the long run(as are daggers), but using a Two-handed weapon gives you much more reach (easier to aim) and much more power behind each swing. They'll also help you GREATLY when it comes time to PvP.
    • Get used to the idea of always having a staff of some sort (you'll start with one) your 2hander (you can chose one as a starter weapon) and a shield (you'll have to loot or craft one) alongside a 1handed weapon.
    • If you can't kill monsters at that specific point in your gaming, focus on gathering materials, fish for food to cook, mine ore for armor/weapons and hit bushes for all sorts of goodies.
    1. Taking Damage: ANYTIME you are being focused by players/monsters ANYTHING in the game and you want to get out of dodge, force them to stop hitting you, or take LESS damage pull out your shield/sword combo and PARRY UP(Default is right click), most of the time(but not always) back-pedaling your way out of danger.
    2. Food---- Use it, every time you're fighting anything.. ALWAYS keep a food buff on yourself (it will help you out tremendously)
    3. TRANSFERS (Stamina to Health) are the single most used/important spells in the game, get used to how they work early on.
      For a starting player you should take note of HOW to heal yourself sustained and burst heal yourself
      • Sustained healing goes something like this, Mana to Stamina, Stamina to Health in between fights, or when you get downtime in a fight(mobs running away, you've killed one mob and are moving to the next etc).
      • BURST healing is done something like this (ill use starting spells for this example) Stamina to Health, Heal Self, Stamina to Health one after another immediately off cool-down. You'll heal quickly for a good portion of health.
      • USE lesser potions you looted freely when starting out, they won't matter much later on if you stick with Dafkfall.

    Once you've built up a bit of coin and starting out gear, focus on killing monsters with melee and bows, most if not all mobs(until high end) in the game are a net-positive (profitable) if you farm them with these types. EVEN if you're planning to be a mage it's best to start down this path. When you've got down time, or you're just exhausted of killing random_goblin_981 find a clan mate or friend and practice fighting each other.

    So you've gotten done with the starter stuff, and killed a few mobs here and there, NOW WHAT?

    • SKIN EVERYTHING YOU KILL this is paramount.... most of the materials you skin are useful in SOMETHING (we'll get to why later). make sure you BANK often even if you're in your 24 hour protection get used to doing this (its a good habit to get into).
    • ALWAYS check with the clan or other friends to see what an item might be used for (Google it if you're anti social) you'd be surprised how often starting out mobs have extremely useful items. This is where skinning and holding onto the items will really pay off. *Hint* There used it just about everything from crafting to making high end gear*
    • GETTING STRONGER: When you move up to the next tier of mobs and you feel like they're just destroying you, try different tactics... use terrain to your advantage, hide behind a tree and only peak out AFTER you've knocked that arrow. ONLY melee mobs when you're 100% sure you can finish them off, ALWAYS pull out and stat up if you drop below 50%. GROUP with another player and get used to assisting them.
    • ONLY wear whatever you loot until you get comfortable with the game and have built yourself up a sustainable source of income/materials. You're going to die, A LOT in this game get used to it.
    • When you've developed yourself along a little bit and you feel like you've gotten used to the kiddie pool, look around for a clan that suits you, often times this is the BEST way to dive into the big pool and still have some of those floaty wings to keep you safe.
    • Once you've gotten a sustainable income and you've built up a stockpile of basic materials you have a choice. You can sell materials for gold and attempt to buy gear, you can use materials built up to have someone you know/trust craft gear for you (this would usually be a clan member) or you can craft gear for yourself. (note: this is not a short route, and won't be extremely useful to you until you're in the higher ranks of gear).
    • At this point WEAR Only what you're okay to die in and never get back; if that is a robe and a couple reagents and a staff and sword, so be it...
    • When we talk about this, we're talking about the "weight" of your armor making it more difficult to do things like knock an arrow, or cast a spell, the higher it is the longer it'll take you to do these things. Speed is usually king in this game, so try to keep it under control.
    • Wear light armor if you're doing any type of casting beyond transfers. (19 MAGIC encumbrance is considered "max" for playing a mage: note the difference between regular, magic, and archery encumbrance in your paperdoll always check this WITHOUT a shield equipped)
    • The one area this isn't always true is if you plan to play the standard"warrior" type, but you'll rarely cast spells other than transfers and need heavy armor and enchantments to really make this work. This will probably be you starting out by default if you follow the guide and are leveling without going straight to magic (don't worry about enchanting yet).
    So you've gotten past melee and archery, you've built up a bank for yourself and gotten some materials together to start wearing crafted gear and doing more, now what?
    • You can chose to go with a "destroyer" or pseudo warrior play-style if you want. It's going to require expensive gear and most of your time will be spent obtaining that gear or perfecting it but you wont have to worry about leveling up magic beyond the basics. You'll still need Lesser (transfers) Greater (Begone/Confusion/Heal Other/Etc) Spell Chanting (Sacrifice) and Witchcraft (Witches Brew/Insect Swarm)
    • You can chose to be a mage, you're going to want to level schools up to get to the good stuff, so how do you do it? First things first being a mage and leveling all of those sweet schools up to cast lightning bolts of doom requires a BUTTLOAD of Reagents, and by that I literally mean like a pile of them as high as the houses in that capital city you're calling home.
    • You'll need to find monsters that either drop gold for you to buy more, or drop the reagents you're using to skill up. You may have to move around to find this, and often times the best place may be in a corner of the map or dungeon.
    • To level the schools start by using the bolt-type spells, and only buy spells you think you'll really use later on (they are all expensive and you'll probably only use certain ones most of the time) When you start out at this, the best thing to do is hope to break even, it wont be until later that you'll be able to really pull in money with magic unless you know exactly where to go, and exactly what to do to get there.
    • Use a MAP like http://www.darkfall-info.com/map/ or mark spots on your in-game map of your favorites to see what monsters drop what loot. plan your session out a bit and take note of places you can bank, mobs you may want to kill, areas that might be a threat etc.
    • When we talk about only buying certain spells you should look for stuff that is utility, Begone, Come Hither, Stormblast, Wall of Force, Anything that has blind in its tooltip, debuffs (some are more useful than others). You'll ideally want to pick up all of the bolts, two rank 90s (they aren't always skill level 90 IE:Exploding charge is skill 100 but functions as aR90), Magma Bomb, two field AoEs (Toxic Rain and Thunder Storm), an R50(usually fireball), and any rays you can, Witches brew, Cross heals (Sacrifice/Heal Other) in addition to utility/movement spells you see listed above. Anything beyond that is really up to the individual player, but those are the most needed spells for combat.
    • Most non-offensive(Utility/Heals/Buff) spells in this game require scrolls to level. Take particular note of what mobs drop essences and be sure to pick up any papyrus you see along the way. Leveling utility spells in a school via scrolls is a great way to hit that next tier of sweet spells you want from random_elemental_school_01.

    • When in doubt put SPEED on EVERYTHING, at first you'll probably think adding DAMAGE would help, but with speed your much more likely to land at least SOME of your damage on the target, versus a high damage spell hitting nothing and just wasting your time/stats. or MAYBE you think JUMP would allow you to play like that l33t 10-ping quake god, but jumping more often than not just telegraphs where you're going to be and makes it easier for your opponent to land his next hit on you. The only exception to this rule, would be fireball (R50) and you can sometimes put jump on this, to give you a means to "jump cast" fireball for it's knockup to potentially break a sticky back(when you're solo). Usually though, this can be done by using stormblast, or begone (be careful not to have them just follow yours) or another player peeling for you.

    • When you get to the level of making gear that you're going to use for PVP or every day stuff start considering enchantments. There's a whole list of things you can add to the gear you wear that can and will make all the difference in what/how you wear things and how they benefit you.
    1. ALWAYS be doing something, buffing/de-buffing casting spells, healing allies, providing pressure, peeling for your team-mates. If you think an underdeveloped character cannot make a difference in a fight you're wrong. even a brand new or completely naked character in the right hands can win fights for your team. Naked at the bind stone when you get raided? block incoming damage for your team, pull out your weapon of choice and try to peel for your team, get ganks/rezzes off as you can. follow people low after your team switches targets to try and finish off a kill
    2. If you're geared/and have reagents but just not finished with your character then you can still do all the things mentioned as well as provide additional DPS to targets being called(just be careful you don't hit your friends)
    3. POSITIONING is everything in a fight, it's the biggest difference between taking a dirt nap, and coming out victorious. It counts in 1v1's 2v2's and 100v100 sieges. Being in the right place at the right time can be a game changer!

    • PVP Fights: Knowing WHEN TO DO WHAT
    It's not easy to learn this, especially when we talk about something as chaotic as a large scale fight, often times you will be LOST in the chaos.

    1. The best thing to do is listen to your "veteran" players, they'll be calling all sorts of stuff out in whatever medium you use to communicate. Most fights are a Tug-Of-War of sorts with a push and pull sort of action happening... pay attention to when your team is pushing, AND when you're pulling.

    2. Again ALWAYS be doing something, healing an ally, peeling for someone, rez the veteran player who died near you. and when you have nothing else to do, FOCUS on the enemy that's CLOSEST to you(use blinds/knockups/WoF) Most of the time these people will be putting pressure on your team, or trying to get in a position to heal whatever target your team is focusing... even if you're team is calling out so-and-so is 1HIT!!!! providing pressure to others can still be paramount to your team's victory.
    3. DO NOT CHASE or TUNNEL VISION on one person or player, usually it will just get you killed. You'll either get surrounded, not hear a call to pull off/back off or end up chasing someone deep into enemy lines.
    4. People being chased ALWAYS have the advantage over you in these situations, ESPECIALLY someone who's more veteran at the game.
    5. If you get FOCUSED (hard targeted by the enemy team), IMMEDIATELY pull out your shield and try to mitigate as much damage as possible, DO NOT TURN AND RUN, giving your back to the enemy is a sure-fire way to die.
    6. SPEAK up if you're not immediately turned away from or you feel like you might die and ask for assistance, you'll probably get it, and feel a whole lot better because you did.
    7. If you see an enemy that is creaming your team's back lines and wreaking havoc all over the place SAY something, People with a staff out cant see behind them, be a good buddy and yell out HE'S ON YOUR BACK!!! then try to do something to get the guy off (damage him, blind him, put yourself between him and your buddy ANYTHING)
    8. Use your utility spells SMARTLY, use blinds to help peel for your partners, use CC to prevent people from hard pushing into you, use AOE blinds (Ice Storm) to cover up your retreats.
    9. WATER FIGHTING is a great way to win a fight outnumbered, ESPECIALLY if you have utility spells and are good at bunny hopping in water.
    10. NEVER EVER Melee Cluster, If you see one or two of your team-mates engaged in a melee fight with an enemy provide support through blinds, heals or ranged DPS (good part to bring out that bow that's been collecting dust) BEFORE you decide to engage in melee, COMMUNICATE with your team mate, let him know you're going to transition in and allow him the chance to pull out and stat back up, giving you an advantage of a fresh player to trade melee blows with your already weakened enemy.

    Here's some examples to show you the difference between ALWAYS doing something and more importantly the RIGHT thing versus only focusing on one aspect (damage,healing,keeping yourself alive)

    I know these videos may just look like a bunch of blobs of pretty pixels, but I promise they all have a purpose =D
    This is your standard player in a large chaotic fight trying to decide on the fly WHAT DO I DO????

    And THIS is a veteran player in a large chaotic fight against other veteran players who is ALWAYS doing something to help his team. Skip to about 3:33 for the best portion. You can hear the comms and hear him saying things like I'm healing you X and I'm going to do X and I'm Peeling for you X

    • You don't need God-like Quake Aim to do damage in Darkfall. Using the right spells/combinations you can do decent damage enough to kill just about anyone with HALFWAY decent aim.
    Check this video out to explain what I mean by YOU DONT NEED GOOD AIM


    • There are a TON of utility spells in this game, and a TON of micro decisions you have to make each fight, this video does a better job explaining it than I ever could

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