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Patch Notes Crog Update July Hotfix Patch Notes

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Ibis, Jul 22, 2020.

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    Crog Update Hotifx Patch Notes - July 28th, 2020
    • Fixed an issue with inconsistent cycling of skills/spells when using weapon bar

    Crog Update Patch Notes - July 23rd, 2020
    • Adding filtering by loot to World Map
    • Added Village Control Point filter to world Map
    • Removed possibility to combine into beast claw (was trapping people that couldn't combine further)
    • Fixed an issue with iron node drops being swapped for Ruby and Cairn, should work as intended now.
    • Fixed an issue with new paperdoll slots causing a client to crash
    • Worldbuilding fixes in Sanguine

    Crog Update Hotfix Patch Notes - July 21st, 2020

    • There is now a chance to gather Rares Ores from harvesting in the specific areas for each ore e.g Leenspar on Ruby, Theyril on Niff etc.
    • Increased the time limit for houses going vulnerable to 30 days from 10 days and increased house taxes by 2g per hour (12g from 10g)
    • Added hotbar column switch option to Weapon Bar entries
    • Fixed an issue with the weapon bar when using Trigger on Release option

    Crog Update Hotfix Patch Notes - July 17th, 2020

    • Fixes for map overlays not displaying correctly

    Crog Update Hotfix Patch Notes - July 16th, 2020

    • Fixed an issue with binding runes to glyphs
    • Map options added for Champion Spawns, Dungeon Spawns and Tile Rating Overlay (Tile Overlay had some archive issues, will be resolved tomorrow)
    • Fixed an issue with enchanted gems not working in certain circumstances
    • Moved Chaldean villages to start two hours earlier than previous.
    • Toys have been re-added to the market categories

    Crog Update Hotfix Patch Notes - July 15th, 2020

    • Increased drop rate of foreboding crystals from Cairn Giants
    • Adjustments to Champion Ironbeard Heavyfist, Health, Health Regen, Strength and Movement Speed reduced.

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    Updated with notes from July 28th, 2020
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