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Deadman Royale

Discussion in 'Game Design Discussion' started by Inositol, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. Inositol

    Inositol Obsidian Golem

    Jan 31, 2016
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    Taking a page out of Oldschool Runescape's playbook, for those who are unfamiliar:

    Runescape implemented Deadman mode a while ago. It's is a separate server with its own ruleset, where every player starts with a fresh character, and skill gains are accelerated by up to 10x. Each season of Deadman mode lasts a month, at the end of which, everything is wiped and the top 2000 players receive invites to the Deadman Invitational tournament. The winner of this tournament wins a cash prize of $20k USD, and the "MVP" receives $5k. (Obviously a DF version wouldn't include cash prizes)

    What makes RS' Deadman mode interesting is that the best gear can't be crafted, you can only receive it as a random drop from various mini-bosses and exceedingly rare drops from regular mobs. This adds an element of random chance, giving the less skilled players a chance at a huge advantage if they're lucky. The problem with RS' Deadman mode is that the winner of each season is almost guaranteed to be part of one of the strongest / largest clans, as the "final arena" is in multi-combat zones, meaning you can can be hit by multiple people. Group coordination and numbers reign supreme. The result is that every tournament has been won by very large, coordinated groups such as RoT and LIT.


    Obviously this is insanely chaotic, as there are 500-700 participants and it's in a multi-combat zone.

    So, how could we make this work in Darkfall?

    Off the top of my head, to get discussion going on how rulesets might be altered to fit Darkfall:

    • XP rate upped to 20-30x.
    • All players spawn in a randomized location on mainland Agon.
    • The final "Arena" is a predetermined, and every hour, the outer tiles surrounding the map will turn Orange on the map. Players within these tiles would be given a 5 minute warning to leave. After the 5 minute timer, all players within an orange tile will die, and the tile will turn red.
    • Each "season" would last ~12 hours.
    • Event could be weekly, or bi-weekly.
    • Crafting would be limited to R40 for weapons, Plate, and leather.
    • Attacking a player instantly locks you into a single-combat mode with that player. Every time you deal damage or receive damage from this player, the 60 second timer is reset. (tweaked GM immunity for players engaged in single combat, while still being able to take damage from their opponent?" After 5-10 minutes, the single-combat mode is disabled, and can't be triggered again on the same player for 1 minute(This is to prevent "boxing", aka attacking friendlies with starter weapons to avoid combat) Players found to be abusing this mechanic with multiple characters would get DQ'd.
    • All buff others and heal others are disabled.
    • Necromancy and Arcane are unlocked at 50 greater magic
    • Enchanting skill will not raise above 25.
    • In the final hours leading up to the arena stage, center-map VCPs will go live, and their rewards would be things like crafted R50 weapons, and Q3 enchant gems.
    • All mob-dropped gear would be full durability, regardless of their quality.
    • Top 5 players could receive trophies to be displayed on the forums? [​IMG]
    *I didn't put much thought into these rulesets, just wanted to throw an example out there.
    Rulesets, mob loot tables, gear stats, etc. could all be changed for each Royale. Change up the meta, experiment with balance, take some design risks, etc.

    I think it'd be fun.
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  2. Synik

    Synik Ghost

    Mar 11, 2016
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    Would be epic!

    I was thinking a little different. It would be great to mimic PubG looting. And give scrolls a different meaning. so if you found wof scroll you double click it and pow you have the spell.

    Or say you find studdened armor and a bow, that could be extremely powerful.

    I would keep everything in the game just make some things rare. Like heal other and sac scrolls would be like finding a super rare drop. Balance and tweak the format with what items drop. And with all the empty spaces and shit all over agon this is perfect.

    might add more to this later.

    Even think of 1-2 hour long games too. Maybe on the weekends you can do 8-12 or 24 hour games.