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Default Keybinds

Discussion in 'Design Discussions' started by Andrew, 23 September 2019.

  1. Methodico

    Methodico Infernal

    14 April 2016
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    No words.... We Will never see new players, every new player Will run away from Bindfall.
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  2. Featherbeans

    Featherbeans Chosen of Khamset
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    21 September 2015
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    The problem that is rarely mentioned about binds is the Darkfall method of playing:
    you gotta press a key to bring out the weapon you wanna use and then press a skill related to that weapon.

    UW had this:
    let players set which weapon they wanna use for each skill. so whenever you press a spell key it will switch automatically.

    Yes i know we can do this the clunky way on RoA, setting an array of possible weapons that we might bring with us on a single slot.
    But really: this solution is clunky af. And it brings the game performance down (micro stuttering for sure).
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  3. Andrew

    Andrew Eodrin
    Staff Member BPG Representative

    25 August 2015
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    We plan to address this by implementing a paperdoll slot system to contain your weapons and it will result in a review/changes to the way the macro system works. It was one of our first features put in early in during Alpha and we have some improvements we want to make to it when we implement the paperdoll slots.
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  4. Quin Tessence

    Quin Tessence Black Knight
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    9 April 2016
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    anyone ever consider removing transfers from voluntary magic and implementing them as involuntary magic system.
    would be simpler for everyone to be promoted with a button press that automatically ques suggested spells as needed

    HP <100% Que "Stam to Health" (Execute Magic) = "1 Hotkey"

    Also the GUI toggle needs to have more options like 'Tab' for 2-3 seconds or LMB+RMB

    *Add - Also you guys better add a freaking "Swoosh" sound effect that is locked on whenever we toggle the GUI followed by a FOV change of up to 5 points out when we switch to chat mode so it feels like we are leaning back.

    *Add Add - Also add new idle animations when the character goes into chat mode like maybe they turn left, right, left, and do a random emote that is muted like /no_no
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