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Discussion: Developer Blog #4 - Tuesday, April 5th

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MWTaylor, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. Ikaika Koa

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    Feb 1, 2016
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    Doesn't look like you read my post, nor know of BPG's previous posts on crafting.

    I think they should keep it as it was, where everyone can do as they want, if they want to take the time and effort to level it. BPG said they want to limit crafting masteries to 2, which I don't think is a good idea. If they want to limit crafting, I gave opinions on a few different options that could be used, rather than a complete hard cap.

    BPG has said previously that they want to implement more specialities, like destro. One of which being a crafting specialist. Assuming this hard cap will tie into that in some way, I gave opinions on how it could be used, in the scenarios I threw out there, while avoiding a complete limitation on people's playing styles.
  2. Kakow Hatestrangler

    Kakow Hatestrangler New Member

    Mar 19, 2016
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    Destro is a pvp play style. It does not affect crafting. The two do not intersect. A crafting play style cannot affect pvp. They will need to find another way of making it unique.
  3. rhoapower

    rhoapower Goblin Scout

    Nov 8, 2015
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    Reorganizing what items can be crafted by which crafting skill seems ok to me. The original organization was sometimes odd specially for skills like alchemy.

    Limiting everyone to x masteries is a bad idea. Let everyone have all masteries so everyone can craft everything if they want to grind the skill, but add crafting specializations and gathering specializations and limit them to 1 per player (1 crafting, 1 gathering). Could even combine base skills to create interesting combos (read Spellforger and Arcane Weaver below).

    Examples of crafting specializations:

    Experienced Weaponsmith
    (Requires Weaponsmithing Mastery 75.0 or higher)
    - Crafted melee weapons have higher damage rolls (how much higher depends on skill level)

    Grandmaster Armorsmith
    (Requires Armorsmithing Mastery 75.0 or higher)
    - Crafted armor pieces have higher protection rolls (how much higher depends on skill level)

    (Requires Weaponsmithing Mastery 50.0 or higher and Enchanting 50.0 or higher)
    - Crafted weapons and amor receive a random enchant when crafted (quality of possible random enchants depends on skill level).

    Examples of gathering specializations:

    Arcane Weaver
    (Requires Enchanting 50.0 or higher and Skinning 75.0 or higher)
    - Can upgrade lesser quality enchanting materials to obtain higher quality ones (e.g.: can upgrade 10 q1 to 1 q2, 10 q2 to 1 q3, etc. Change value as needed). Quality of materials that can be upgraded depends on skill level.

    (Requires Logging Mastery 75.0 or higher)
    - Obtains more lumber from logging. (amount depends on skill level)
    - Can find additional reagents from logging. (All the other 5 types. Chance to find depends on skill level. Finding a reagent this way is additional to any lumber / resin gained).

    (Requires Mining Mastery 75.0 or higher)
    - Higher chance of finding rare ores from mining.

    Cherrypicker: (sounds kinda silly but couldn't come up with a better name right now lol)
    (Requires Herb Gathering Mastery 75.0 or higher)
    - Higher chance of obtaining steedgrass from herb gathering (chance increases with skill level).

    It would be possible to change both crafting and gathering specializations, but it would have to be costly so it involves a certain level of commitment. Could cost a high value in gold to buy the skill, and changing specializations would lose all progress in the previous one (back to level 1.0).
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  4. Action_Jackson

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    Aug 26, 2015
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    No I didnt undermine my own argument. You just didnt understand what i said. Limiting crafting to 2 masteries is just a shitty hotfix that does nothing good besides people now need to ask their clan mates to craft stuff for them or lvl their alts aswell. Just makes playing more uncomfortable but doesnt fix the problems.
    And with "we will still have access to everything" I meant, we the vets and clan people still have everything. This change just makes it harder for casuals and people without friends to get gear.

    Limiting crafting is a solution to the crafting/economic isses but this needs more that limiting it to 2 masteries.
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