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Discussion: Early Development Roadmap

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Hugo, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. Nuyur

    Nuyur Wildtribe Mage

    Feb 19, 2016
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    They've stated that they've set apart funds for advertizing.
    And really, your negativity isnt founded in anything.
    Dont think ive ever seen advertisement for Eve online, but that game is doing just fine.
    Dont think ive ever seen advertisement for UO, but that game is still going too.

    Word gets around, people looking for a game go over huge lists and read up on them.
    I know i have in the past few years, but havnt found a game i like (or continue'd to like after i tried).
    Seems so hopeless if you think the only way to get new people in, is by throwing advertisements everywhere they look.
  2. Kozzion

    Kozzion Goblin Warlord

    Feb 7, 2016
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    I've seen this "word of mouth" thing too often tbh. I've seen this in DFO aswell a lot. people rather see spend money go on other stuff and just sit back and hope word of mouth will do the trick. How did that work out for DFO? and i've seen that recently on an rts Act of Agression aswell. no advertising at all, look at steamcharts how great the population goes.
    On the other hand I see other games that still advertise , like EVE, thats how I got in the game by seeing advertisement of it years later, otherwise it wouldnt even got me in there in the first place.
    UO is a classic, a legend and can not be compared with DFO. nor can EVE for that matter, nor can WoW for that matter.
    Its good to see that they put aside some funds or will set aside some funds for advertisement and that is where I ask THEM in what terms they are allowed to do with this game.
    But after 8 years I dont believe in this fantasia that this game will be booming just by releasing and hoping some internet websites will pick it up randomly and review it.
    If it was so easy then publishers wouldnt spend millions on marketing campaigns for their product if a simple "word of mouth" would do the trick.
    And neither should you for that intance.
    We all have the history behind us of DFO and many other games were people complaint on forums screaming to advertise the game they play since the population is lacking.
    I'm not negative like you say, but i am realistic. I do want this game to succeed, why would i even throw 50 euros on it if I would want it to fail? Just to say that I was right? No.
    The games that are out now and are coming out is non stop and you have to scream hard to get peoples attention. How many mmo's had initially a good population due to advertisement but then dropped significantly due to bad gameplay or lack of content etc.. ? more then succeed, way more.
    But all starts with having people get into your game. And that can not be solely done by word of mouth. If the game is great then, it will retain players, but even if players dont like it, they have bought it wich means cash for the devs and continuous work for content in their game wich benefits the players inside their game.
  3. Santa Porno

    Santa Porno Goblin Warrior
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    Sep 18, 2015
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    The first roadmap seems very promising, but what really fears me is that you didnt go into details just yet, so that if a newbie gets interested somehow by this game (?) and checks the website, won't get hyped so far to try the game imo.

    What I mean is that now this game is only made by and for vets, you have the game features there in the website but there are no further details yet, such as an old map, more visuals, skill trees, crafting trees and its resources, building trees, how would sieges, sea towers or villages work, etc etc.

    Yes you can come here and reply me "Hey my boy, it's the same as DFO", and while it could be a valid argument for me I think it wont be a valid argument for a new player to DF:RoA.

    Do you plan to wrap the gift with a very desirable papers and laces? I am afraid the game won't make it with just vets since they will end giving up as it happened twice already.
  4. DestLocke

    DestLocke Chosen of Khamset

    Aug 26, 2015
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    I question the viability of any initial roadmap specifically exciting a real new player a whole lot, simply because they don't have any context to changes presented regardless of level of detail. Appealing to new players is a different beast all together probably more suitable for the main website.
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