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Discussion: Public Test Server Patch Notes - August 27th, 2017

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by MWTaylor, Aug 27, 2017.

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  1. MikeJT

    MikeJT Black Knight
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    Aug 28, 2016
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    For someone with a basic grasp you programming you seem to have completely failed to understand a very basic concept:

    If people can travel from A to B instantly then at any point between A and B there will be ABSOLUTELY NO ONE in the game world.

    So give us instant travel? What then.

    You go to one of the best spawns and get a fight. Kill the people there. Take their shit.

    Go there again, kill same people again. Take their shit.

    Go there again and... oh they're not there?

    Have fun checking HUNDREDS OF OTHER POSSIBLE LOCATIONS they could be farming to figure out where they are. Enjoy spending 30 minutes of every hour of play-time on your loading screen, fast travelling between possible locations ALL OVER THE MAP where you MIGHT get a fight.

    Certainly hope you don't check a spawn 5 minutes before they show up there and spend the next hour looking for them at other spawns.

    Fast travel is alleviating a symptom of low pop, not fixing the problem itself.

    Adding fast travel is not a golden bullet. It won't bring back pop. If you honestly think it will this is clearly the first time you've played Darkfall.

    Portal Chambers were another step in the RAPID DECLINE of DFO's population. They drove players, especially new ones, and bad ones, out of the game at a rate I had never seen. Fast travel amplifies the effect of having a low pop.

    People speak fondly of the days of Portal Chambers like they were the best thing for the game. Yes they were great for a handful of players who were part of large and elite clans. That's about it. Many of them are still here posting on forums. The people who portal's affected the worst aren't. They're gone.

    Areas of the map which were constantly populated became ghost towns as big elite clans took control of them so they could have another portal location.

    So please, continue. Push for portals. Push for more fast travel. Then enjoy looking for fights as the last of RoA's pop leaves.

    You want to know why people who played DFO for a year without a single change to the game quit in 3 months?

    Because they poopsocked the crap out of DFO (not to mention AFK macroing and exploiting) to get ahead of the pack and enjoyed rolling around the map ganking people in piss-easy fights for months.

    Now players are viable in 15 hours and a major threat in 30 hours, the poopsockers quit en-mass because there's nothing left to grind to get an advantage and people are rapidly catching up.
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  2. GrimReapiN

    GrimReapiN Varangian Warthane

    Aug 25, 2015
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    Well if the sole reason for travel is simply travel... Why? If there were things in between like players farming, or special events, travel would be great.

    Example: in skyrim, you can walk from one city to the next. You'll actual discover things, fight monsters along the way. But after you've discovered it and you have no need to farm along the way, you resort to fast travel because its boring.

    If a game is built around not needing to fast travel then great. Lets not forget that dfo had fast travel in the form of portal shards... That was removed. Big mistake methinks.

    Its a compound issue for sure.
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  3. gatorsmash

    gatorsmash Crypt Guard

    Dec 20, 2016
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    Short version- fast travel kills the game population in an MMO.

    /Hello 1999. The fact I see on project 1999 , the emulated EverQuest server that stopped game progression at the expansion prior to introducing fast travel server still gets 2k people logged in on the weekends 10 years after server launch just proves my point.
  4. NonFactor

    NonFactor Forest Golem
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    Jan 23, 2016
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    sadly this patch will add almost nothing on gameplay and surely will not bring ppl back.

    u guys need to focus in stuff that worth dev time.

    theres like 150 threads giving suggestions about.... jesus guys wake up
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  5. Darktide

    Darktide Spellgazer

    Apr 14, 2016
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    Bloodcrafted items now appear to have bonuses
    Zero durability bug seems fixed
    Heads and other items now seem to have correct data displayed on them (before they were blank)
    Being disconnected while in crafting queue will leave your character in for the queue duration (Not sure if intended)
    Transmutes: Pre-Patch items are Not correctly converting
    Differentiation between Pre-Patch and freshly crafted items (Armor Protections and Durability) This is nothing major

    Pictures below for examples.


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