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Discussion: Rise of Agon: Asia Update

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Andrew, Feb 19, 2021.

  1. Andrew

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    Aug 25, 2015
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  2. MtH-HrT

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    Jan 30, 2016
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    Great opportunity for you BPG, don't waste it.
    A simple suggestion: take as a model the wow launch in 2004, 200,000 copies in 24 hours.
    This success consisted of two factors:
    1, the name blizzard.
    2, The official trailer. The game was introduced by Blizzard as a race war game even if in the contents it was not.

    Taking that launch as an example, you should start by doing 3 simple things:

    1) Forcing membership in the chosen race, creating racial factions, and at the same time giving to arac players the opportunity to form their mixed guilds by becoming reds. The gameplay you get is the current Roa gameplay + a massive race wars gameplay which is now completely missing.

    2) Duw's 2014 Skill System
    custom roles 1
    custom roles 2
    - 8 primary and 8 secondary skills freely chosen by the player.
    - 1 crafting profession and 1 harvesting, no more.
    - only 2 attributes to 120 . The 6x120 as now is not good in a mmorpg.
    - only 1 two-handed and 1 one-handed weapon mastery. Being able to rotate and use all weapons in the same fight is fine in survivol games or fps, but not good in a sandbox mmorpg.

    3) make any type of loot more rarer. Full banks after 6 months kill any economy system.

    This is what the game really needs to make a decent release.
    Then with the money from the initial sales, you invest everithing in:
    1) Improve a little the graphics and add ambient sounds. Something had been done but never released.

    2) Territory control system as in Duw 2014:
    territory control

    3) Racial Crafting. Weapons and racial armor are the best way to involve the casual player in the game, giving them that sense of belonging to their race, which is now completely lacking. If there is this involvement the casual player will continue to play even if the game is tough, difficult and with full loot.
    One examples, Mirdains, the most regal race of the server. To feel like a true Elf, a player must wear armor like these models in skyrim:
    elven armor 1
    elven armour 2
    and ride a armored tiger like this.
    armored sabre cat

    Racial content as a NPE and to stimulate the casual player to keep playing.
    Good luck with the new server.
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