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Diversity is the Key

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bmoreira, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. bmoreira

    bmoreira New Member

    Jun 29, 2020
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    On my view, diversity is the key for long time fun in MMOs

    First I want to thank all developers/GMs for the current Game, I'm not a seazoned player, and would like to just throw out some sugestions knowing the most of current players want theirs sugestions, balancing and fixes that they asked done before any new content is added.

    I like the aspect how grind was fixed, as in my opnion it will not keep the player base, so to me was a wise decision to atract casual plaers that have an actual social/work/job schedule life out of MMOs. I will just throw out some sugestions as many did as I think in my view would help add more people to the game.

    Adding some new rules for mages and for combat groups strageg having specialized roles in the group with support healers and buffs and debuffs. A thermometer to diversity in the pvp is/if a class/or build is being used actually by at least or equally by the players .. if we have 80-90% all using the same type/configuration, then there is no really diversity. Who can say more about this are the actual players and developers who have access to the data.

    Mages Roles
    - Xaman Role/Archtype (x% Bonus to buffs and Debuffs, duration and power, maybe changing the debuffs to area spells - Build Penalty/Hidrance: -x% damage to spells)
    - Healer Role/Archtype (Bonus to Healing spells + x% - Build Penalty/Hidrance: - x% to damages spells)

    Archer Roles

    Quick-Sharphooter (Bonus to speed - Hidrances/Penaltys - ?)

    Warrior Roles
    Guardian/Tank (Bonus to Blundgeon/Piercing/Slashing Protections, and damaging absortion) HidrancePenalty - blocks all elemental magic etcs..

    Sea Villages - "Pirate daily Quests"
    Make Darkfall a improved version of Sea of Thieves(Just Kidding,because I did not play it and I do not know how it is)

    - Doing some changings to how Sea Village are capped to avoid being take by just one player(making more difficult to cap and increasing prizes).

    - Creating an enviroment where a group of players want go to try cap it, with small and middle size ships.

    - Increasing small ships speed, hitpoints and cannon damage so before player engament in close combat(making difficult to board before the ship is disable).
    Making a system out it, players will use their strategy to sink the other enemy ship and run, or choose to disable it and board them, as they want if they think are capable of it, or run like pirates would do, if they encounter better skilled enemies on close to close combat.

    - Increase astrolabe drop rate and halve ship consctruction cost, so groups of players(even new ones) can in a everyday situation lose their ship to more skilled players, and be able to participate on another day to sea villages caps.

    Open Field Combat(Cavalry).
    Make the first mouted engament/clash on a big open field to be advantageous the use of mounts.

    - The first match/clash mounted, and then after it, fighting on foot increasing substantialy the damage with one handed weapons on a mount and incresing (new Rare/Battle)Mount's hit points(Magic Resitance), where in a open area field with no trees, rocks and building walls, they will be in a clear superios position(using a rare mount with magic resistance) to someone on foot, where they can simply shield block attack and swing their sword to their adversary on foot, and they can just can come and go, manuever and be able to damage their adversary wihtout loosing his mount too quickly. Situation that would be different if the combat is where there are trees and buildings.

    - Creating several new mounts for open field combat using the same models/animations of actual mounts with new rare colored steadgrass. For example mounts with a black,golden and spectral/transperent texture color with different HP atributes, bonus to Damage and Speed and (% Magic and arrow resistance), using same models/animations of the old current mounts.

    Other sugestions to help cash and support the server/developers.

    Another indication how the systems are going good is see how things are traded in the game market.
    I can be wrong but Houses on general are still quite expensive for a casual player that can play just one to two hours everyday or in the weekends, and would like to have a house(I'm not going in if it's matter or not in the actual game). But if they have a active subscription, why not would be easy to them have a cottage, house or even a villa) without much of a cost. So this would reason to them have a premium account. Halving houses costs, and be able to list and transfer house ownership on the market, making house trades more dynamic.

    Backpack extesions kits. (Players can buy 50kg bagpack extension capping to 500kg extra capacity, so they can carry more resources, buying Nitron Coins). (Of course, adjusting mounts weights to 1000kg, if they are not on paperdoll)

    Be able to dye/paint(Like a Skin) rare mounts buying Nitron coins, so you have a unique or at least more rare/different from a standard Mount, if Mounted combat matter again in the game engine. Again helping cash coins for support the game.

    A player with a premium account and with a blessed tool could get an single extra resource per hit on a node.(Another idea to players buy Nitroin Coins and support the game and also to it be traded more in the Game/Player Market).

    Well those are my thoughts that I would like the game have in the future.
    Thanks for reading, knowing that everyone have their opinion about what would be the best path for the game.
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  2. clyde frog

    clyde frog Skeleton Archer

    Apr 10, 2016
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    It’s a great list of ideas unfortunately this dev team has tried combat changes in the past and they absolutely eviscerated combat and as a consequence lost the trust of the community to make further combat changes. So I’m not in favor of these changes
  3. WizardKing

    WizardKing Dire Zombie
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    Apr 7, 2017
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    No. The developers of Darkfall are still the developers of Darkfall. If combat changes were needed they would actually implement them.
  4. bmoreira

    bmoreira New Member

    Jun 29, 2020
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    Thanks for the feedback!

    - Another sugestion come to my mind.
    People complain about low population. So to broad player spectrum range, to atract casual player that do not have all time to farming for gear(because if you want to compete in this game and be able to have a chance on high geared players, all players need to farm).
    - Premium accounts have 1 or 2 hours a day of power hour, all regular nodes, and all regular mobs(excluding champions and hight end ones etc) have the drops multiplied by 3. (people coming from working during the week can play for 1 or 2 hours with best results)
    - On the weekends maybe 3 hours /saturday-sunday.
    The idea behind is to broad the range of type of people. Make playing a bit every day an habit.