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[Event] Battle Royale 01/09/2019

Discussion in 'Community Spotlight' started by Umberto, 9 January 2019.

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  1. Umberto

    Umberto Spellgazer

    26 August 2015
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    Hosting a Battle Royale January 9th at ~6:30PM EST. The early time is to give European players a chance to make the event. Event is capped at 50 sign-ups.

    • 10 Nithron Coins for participating
    • 50 Nithron Coins for finishing Top 5
    • 100 Nithron Coins + Event Winner Title for 1st Place (title not decided yet)
    *You must follow the rules to receive your rewards. Teaming is strictly forbidden, and will be monitored by our GM's. Breaking the rules will result in a ban from future events. To receive your rewards, it'll be your responsibility to message UmbertoFinito#5192 on Discord with your email.

    • Message "Camera Two" at 6:30pm EST for a teleport to the Chaos Stone location. You MUST be naked beforehand.
    • Bind to the Chaos Stone.
    • Get killed.
    • Line up to receive your basic bag.
    • Wait for my countdown to use your Runestone.
    • Fight to the death.

    After the Battle Royale is completed, I'll be teleporting willing players to a random/isolated location on the map to fight it out. Full loot of course, with wagers being optional. Fights can range anywhere from 1v1's to 5v5's. I'll keep mixing up the location to keep it fresh.

    The events will be streamed here.

    If your clan is interested in an inner-clan/alliance event, please send me a message.

    In order for these events to continue, it requires the cooperation of the community. So let's put the epeens aside and just enjoy them. Thank you.

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Thread Status:
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