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[Event] Battle Royale 04/02

Discussion in 'Community Spotlight' started by Umberto, Mar 27, 2018.

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  1. Umberto

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    Aug 26, 2015
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    Event: The 1st Rise of Agon Battle Royale


    What is it: A free-for-all fight to the death. Players will begin the event with no gear or items of any kind. Naked, they will rush the designated area looking for weapons, armor, reagents, and so on. The longer you survive and the more players you kill, the better your gear bag will become. Last player standing wins.

    When: Monday, April 2nd. 9:00pm EST.

    Where: Location TBA. GM's will teleport players prior to the event.

    How to Watch: The event will be live streamed on Twitch.

    1. Follow given directions (have Public chat open).
    2. Attend the event completely naked (in-game, IRL is optional).
    3. No casting Heal Other or Buff Other spells. Saying you "accidentally casted it" won't play well, so if you have to you can remove them from your hotbar.
    4. Participants cannot leave the designated area.
    5. Once dead, you must not return to the designated area. Doing so will result in a ban from future events.
    6. No logging out and logging back in.
    7. You must not be in a Party unless instructed otherwise. This is a solo event.
    8. Once the majority of the players are killed, active players must accept a party invite from a GM in order to see where the other participants are.
    9. No blatant teaming. Multiple invisible GM's will be flying around ensuring rules are being followed. If you are found to be blatantly teaming with another player, you will be removed from the event and banned from future ones as well. Fights with 3 or more players can happen, and as a result one player may get focused over another. We'll be able to tell if it's done out of necessity (perhaps that player is more skilled or has better gear), or if it's players going out of their way to help each other. Don't do it, it's simply not worth it.
      *Consult this thread before the event as more rules may be added*
    Prize: The winner will get 100 Nithron Coins, the "Survivalist" title, and potentially the "HELP ME!" cry upon death (awaiting confirmation on this).

    See you there.

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