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[Event] Champion Battle & Mounted Charge - 04/05

Discussion in 'Community Spotlight' started by Umberto, Apr 4, 2017.

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  1. Umberto

    Umberto Spellgazer

    Aug 26, 2015
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    Hi everyone,

    It's time for another event to capture marketing footage. This will be incredibly important for attracting new players to the game, so I ask all those who attend for your cooperation and patience, as we all have the same goal here: A healthy and active launch population.

    We will all be meeting in a Mumble voice server for coordination.

    Date: Wednesday, April 5th at 8:30pm EST

    Objective: To capture footage of the confrontation of two opposing siege forces.

    Phase 1: Scripted. All players will be divided into two forces. Specific mounts will be handed out to everyone who needs one. I will be capturing footage of each group riding towards the designated area.

    Phase 2: Scripted. The two opposing forces will be lined up across the field from one another. Footage will be captured of the "featured characters". Once that is complete, each side will shout their war-cries. With leaders in the front, each side will charge into one another. DO NOT ATTACK THE OPPOSING SIDE ONCE YOU CLASH. That will be for later. You simply run into one another without swinging, then we will reset if needed. The majority of this phase will not require players to move. You just need to listen to direction and stay idle until recording is complete.

    Phase 3 - CHAMPION BOSS BATTLE: Non-scripted. All players will work together to clear a Champion Spawn and defeat the Boss. You are allowed to loot the tombstones, but players that do not contribute to killing the mobs will be removed from the event. Also, the prizes at the end will be worth more, so don't risk breaking any rules.


    Phase 4 - MOUNTED CHARGE: Non-scripted. This time the charge is for real. The teams will be divided with balance in mind. Teams will ally all clans on their side, and mounted charge the opposing force. Last team standing wins. There will be giant GM controlled mobs present during the brawl. Here is footage of the last Mounted Charge event.


    Incentive: You will need to screenshot your attendance for Phase 1 & 2 and submit it to "Metalkon" on the forums directly after. Anyone who breaks the rules during the event will not receive anything. Phases 3 & 4 are not mandatory for the reward.
    Players will be allowed to choose and receive one of the following:
    • Any type of Warhulk
    • Any type of Ship
    • Any type of Deed
    • Any type of R80 Weapon
    Warnings: Please do not drop a challenge Tuesday evening/night, resulting in a Wednesday siege, as it will be cancelled. No one should be equipped in Dragon armor. Do not jump, emote, or move erratically as it will make footage unusable. Do not disrupt the event in any way. Anyone purposely breaking these rules will receive a temp ban. Thank you for understanding.

    There will be a cap of 100 players allowed to attend, once we reach that threshold no more players can participate. This is going to be a lot of fun, and we'll be helping the game's future in the process. We're looking forward to it, and hope to see you there!

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    Thank you,
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