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Discussion in 'Project Suggestions' started by Mikrodator, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. Mikrodator

    Mikrodator Goblin Warrior

    Aug 5, 2016
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    1. Being able to interact with things like chairs, benches, torches and even wild cooking pots. I think this will give life to the RP feeling again. Something that would be cool if you had like a round table where the leaders would sit in their keep.

    2. An option where new players can type /question (the message) and this will go to a experienced darkfall player that have signed up to be willing to answer any questions regarding the game.

    3. Being able to retract a drawn arrow or magic.

    4. Customizable banners that will be shown around your city. Maybe even being able to put it on your armor?

    5. Remove the bindstone_recall fizzle... This only creates frustration and serves no good purpose.

    6. Referral system. For each person you bring to the game you get 2 days extra playtime at launch. Could even be a exclusive starter weapon for those that reach 10 referrals.

    7. Being able to see what you can't craft instead of guessing when a certain item will be available.

    8. Decapitation was one of the best features in DF1 in my opinion, I would wanna see it come back. Your only able to decapitate someone with the power swing (5th strike) of your weapon, and even then its only a 25% chance.

    9. Able to take big games head like the red dragon, baradron, Ice dragon and monsters like that and have them as decoration in your city.

    10. Make a report button instead of the /gm_report option. I think you would get a lot more reports then. I've had countless new players asking me how to send a gm a message.

    11. Mediation button should also be fixed. It's just to complicated for a new player.

    12. I healed a clanm8 in my clan city and became a rouge. Don't know if this is intended but i would see it removed.

    13. Being able to see if a node is empty. Maybe an animation of a tree falling down. Just so frustrating trying to find a metal node in starter city.

    14. Being able to have fullscreen windowed mode is a must have!

    15. Be able to craft a banner that you can hold while riding a mount. (RP feeling installed) :p

    16. Make monsters like kraken/red dragon/ice dragon drop something that is exclusive to them that would be desirable. Right now kraken is not worth killing due to shit loot. People who kill kraken would care about 15k gold or a few ship modules. Just basicly anything like you would need kraken's blood to craft a potion that gives you 10 in all attributes.

    17. Quest marker above NPC's who actually gives out quests.

    18. In every city there should be a big wall with Clan made jobs. Clans will have the ability to give out jobs to other players, for example; Habbit clan needs 300 sparkstones. Then they will put out that this is in demand with rewards, location and when they will be available. This could also be used for clans that are looking for players with another wall with "Clan recruiting"

    19. Create an arena where people would need to interact with an NPC that will take their wager and gold. The gold would go to the winners bank - Otherwise there could be some backstabbing.

    20. I know you were able before to loot a merchant to place in your house. I would must rather see a NPC you can have in your clan cities that could potentially if wanted make a clan city a trade hub for everyone.

    These are just some suggestions, I will keep on adding when I think of something more.
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  2. Vic

    Vic Spellgazer

    Mar 25, 2016
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    1.Sure why not

    2. Definitely yes I have said before about some sort of buddy-up/mentor system. I know I would be glad to help.

    3. Definite no, if you made the mistake of knocking/casting then deal with the consequence. A lot of the time when someone is sneaking up on you they knock to early and then realize it but when they let go its louder than knocking so I can tell where they are.

    4. Whatever, I am sure that has been asked 1000x times and if the devs can do it as some point without to much effort then by all means it wont hurt.

    5. I guess, I am not too fussed I actually enjoyed fizzled back in the day (although probably not the recall ones xD).

    6. Yeah why not, something like that could work. I think they might be holding off on things like that until they make some more improvements. That makes sense and there is still plenty of time.

    7. Yes for sure.

    8. Yeah decapitation is cool. Was certainly annoying at times but was a cool feature.

    9. I made a thread regarding animals and trophies so you could apply the same thought process to the big mobs https://forums.darkfallriseofagon.com/threads/animals.1308/

    10. Why not

    11. Ok

    12. I mean that's for anti grief but the game doesn't really give a crap if your in npc city or in your own town. So yeah tagging and alignment does need taking a look at.

    13. Yes and no, I can see your logic but at the same time I think people should just have to try their luck until they find a node, its darkfall you can't make things too easy for people.

    14. Sure

    15. Lol whatever as long its easy to do.

    16. Well the red dragon is valuable enough. But yeah Kraken could use a buff (although having said that, doesn't he drop astrolabels? not sure which one)

    17. Couldn't really care but I do feel that npcs and the environment as a whole looks a lot better without floating question marks and such.

    18. Yeah something like this could work - one slot per clan and they can advertise w/e they want.

    19. That would be nice, maybe if the two people are in the arena they just bring the menu up and you have an option "challenge player to duel" and a trading window could pop up where both parties place their wages and accept and the items are just in limbo until the fight is over.

    20. No, personally I am against any sort of mass selling, auction house ect. I think people should have to talk and arrange to meat each other. The house vendors aren't bad but I think that's enough.