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gear not staying on

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Sandarbian, 2 May 2020.

  1. Sandarbian

    Sandarbian New Member

    2 May 2020
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    New player. I made a small corner shield and bought a scimitar. I equipped them using the paperdoll. They appear on my character. When I press "T" and draw the sword, everything is fine. Push LMB, everything is fine.
    But the minute I "parry" with RMB, the shield and scimitar are swapped BACK with the starter shield and the starter sword. New shield and scimitar return to inventory.
  2. HenkBot

    HenkBot Goblin Shaman

    7 October 2017
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    The paperdoll is not the way to equip weapons, try this:

    1) Put the 1 handed sword/shield in a slot in your hotbar (you can drop the sword first and then put the shield on top, dont forget to activate auto parry)
    2) Bind this hotbar slot to a key (most ppl have it on right mouse button afaik)
    3) Press right mouse button to parry
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