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Guide to the first few hours of Darkfall

Discussion in 'New Player Tips & Tricks' started by Ryco Stormeye, 30 March 2020.

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    20 December 2016
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    Wecome to Rise of Agon! Now go create your character and login.

    Reorganise your GUI layout to your satisfaction. Most GUI parts can be resized and have additonal options by clicking on the cog icon in their top right corner. I suggest expanding the minimap and turning all options in the minimap and world map on. To get a feel for the options. Turn them off to help FPS. Also change the opacity slider of the item counter all the way to the top for a black background.

    Turn on additional graphics up (Options, Video Options). Texture Quality, Texture Anisotropy Level. Enable Post Process Effects and Shadows makes the game look nicer but will affect your FPS. Don't go below 60 FPS.

    Go into Options, Gui Options and put a tick on Identify Distant Targets and slide item counter slots to the right to have 10 slots.

    Open your backback and drag the following on to your item counter slots. Food (Berry Oatmeal), Health Potion, Stamina Potion, Arrows, Mandrake, Nacre, Ash, Sulfur, Bone, Resin. You can now see how much of each item you have on you.

    Set your binds however you want. (Options, Input Bindings). There are videos, forum posts and guides on many ways to do this. Keybindings and getting the hotbar GUI to do all the fancy stuff it can do is a guide on it own.

    Open your backpack (press B) and drag your good luck bag onto your Loot Bag slot on your Paperdoll (press P). When looting a grave all you need to do is click on the item and it will now go automaticity into your loot bag.

    Run to Allan the Councillor and take the first four quests.

    Open your Crafting menu. Press Esc and looking for the Hammer and Axe icon, go to Taming and craft a mount. The mount will appear on your mount slot on your paperdoll. Each mount has its own weight. The standard amount is 100kg.

    Find the skill Summon Mount under General Skills and drag it to your hotbar. You can access your skills by the Crossed Swords icon at the top of your screen after pressing Esc.

    Summon your mount and ride to the Bank in Sanquine the capital and then despawn your mount by pressing the Alternatve Use key (G) on it.

    Open the bank and deposit the 100 gold from your backpack into the bank. Gold needs to be in your bank so you can buy anything from vendors or the market. Get used to banking your gold!

    This step is optional and is for PvE efficiency. Run to John the Mage and click on the tab starting weapons. Swap your Shearsword (Greatsword) for a Stormsong (Greatclub) and your Leafblade (Sword) for a Wormtooth (Axe). Bind your new weapons to your hotbar.

    Go to the following NPC's in Sanquine and take the title quests: Simeon the Merchant, Taload the Blacksmith, Niane the Arcanist, John the Mage and Torgard the Fighter

    Summon your mount and ride out the North exit of Sanquine and head South West and ride to the nearest bush. The identification window will say Bush when you mouse over a bush.

    Press the Use (R) key on the Bush to auto equip your Sickle. The bush will appear empty, look away from the bush and look back and it will now appear full (red health bar). This is a bug and will get fixed at some point in the future. Start harvesting bushes until the Task “Basics of Harvesting” Herbs 0/10 is complete. This may take a while as only 3 of the many different things you can get from bushes count as herbs.

    When you complete this first task you will get a reward that goes directly into your bank and your first Meditation Points.

    Meditation Points are a passive skill and stat levelling currency. Go into your Journal (Feather Icon) and click Meditation, Primary, Lesser Magic, Enable Meditation, Save Changes. Your are now meditating your first skill Lesser Magic. You will need magic to heal and other utilities even if you are not going to be a Mage.

    Ride south to the goblin spawn East of Monkfield. Remember to despawn your mount. Always despawn your mount before you walk away from it. They can die, be stolen and will not be there if you don't despawn it before logging off. There is a spell to heal mounts in Lesser Magic. You will automaticity learn spells as your magic skill levels up.

    Open your Tasks, and track Advancing as a Archer, Beginner Mage, Advancing as a Warrior. Your Task tracker should be on your screen in Green Text.

    Use melee, archery and magic on the Goblins to complete the first stage of the tasks listed above.

    Kill 10 Goblins to complete the Basics of Combat Task, one of your quests and loot 4 goblin axes. Also make sure you loot 5 short bows and 20 arrows for a quest later.

    Add skills and spells to your hotbar as your get them.

    Recall to Sanquine using the Bindstone Recall Skill. Small blue icon under your minmap on the bottom left.

    Turn in both quests at Allan the Councillor by pressing Use key on him twice. Press Use on him once more and take the 2 next quests.

    Go to Simeon the Merchant and deliver the quest and take the quest that opens up.

    Go to Taload the Blacksmith and deliver the quest and take the 2 quests that opens up.

    Go back to Simeon the Merchant and deliver the quest, take the quest that opens up and buy a fishing pole.

    If you get 50 Lesser Magic switch the meditation to Greater Magic under Primary (Same method as above). Add Rend from Greater Magic to your hotbar.

    Equip the armour you got from the quests and drink your first Nectar of the Gods (1). These potions give you +5 stats to all 6 of your stats up to 75 max. You start with 20 in each stat so will need 11 of these total. This guide will get you the 11 you need.

    Ride to Istvan the Merchant in Laidstone. Along the way complete the Basics of Harvesting Task by doing the following in order, harvest 10 oak timber from trees, harvest 10 stone, harvest 10 iron ore (harvest 20 if you can for a quest later) and 10 fish (make sure you get 1 cod again for a later quest)

    As you ride pick up any Broken Chests, Chaos Chests, Old Crates, Barrels, Papyrus, Tree Stumps, Bile of Bones etc. They all have good things inside for you.

    Hand in the quest at Istvan the Merchant in Laidstone.

    Open your bank and drink the 9 Nectar of the Gods potions you should have in your bank if you followed the above steps (you have now drunk 10, one more to go).

    You can bank your loot and gold from earlier. Do NOT bank your stone, timber, rawhide, ore, Cod, reagents, potions, arrows and short bows. You will need this stuff for quest hand ins soon.

    If you want, you can buy some bags from Istvan the Merchant to organise your bank. You can right click on a bag to name it e.g. Weapons, Armour, Regs & Pots etc.

    If you get Greater Magic 25 add Needles from Witchcraft, Missile Fury from Greater Magic and Mana Blast from Spellchanting to your hotbar.

    Recall to Sanquine

    Go to Simeon the Merchant and deliver the quest

    Go to Taload the Blacksmith and deliver the 2 quests. Accept the next two quests, one of which is to gather 20 iron ore. You did that already didn't you so hand it in now. This open another quest, take it.

    You now have 3 Nectar of the Gods on you, drink one and all your stats will be 75+.

    You can no longer drink the Nectar of the Gods and must use your skills and pots you find or buy to level your stats. Using a skill will take them to a max of 110 even though the stat cap is 120. Its faster to use posts such as Vintage Wine which permanently increases Wisdom by 1 to a maximum of 100. There are other pots to go from 100 to 110 in a stat and even more to go from 110 to 120.

    You also now have a better shield and 2 handed club, bind them. You also have a blue bag. Make this your first gear bag. Put your weapons, shield, staff, start weapons, food, potions and reagents in it. This will keep the root of your backpack free for stuff you pick up on your travels and quest rewards. And you wont accidentally bank stuff you need to fight with.

    Go to Allan the Coucilor and hand in the quest, take the next two quests.

    Go to Torgard the Fighter (You should have 5 short bows and 20 arrows from earlier) hand the quest in and take the next one.

    Ride out the north exit and ride to Monkfield (city to the west) and speak to Wyl the Blacksmith to hand in a quest.

    Kill 7 goblins using Archery (hit 20 times with arrows) for the other 2 quests and recall to Sanquine. Do loot 4 goblin teeth if you have not done already

    Go to Allan the Councillor hand in the quest and take the next 2 quests.

    Go to Simeon the Mechant hand in the quest and take the next quest (get 20 rawhide)

    Go to Talaod the Blacksmith hand in the quest

    Go to John the Mage hand in the quest and take the next quest, hand that in, take 2 more quests and hand them in, then take one more quest.

    Go to Torgard the Fighter hand in a quest

    Go to Allan the Councillor hand in the quest and take two new quests, hand in the quest for 4 goblin teeth you should have these by now and take the next quest.

    Go to John the Mage as you have now unlocked 2 quests from him, take them.

    You now have 4 quests to do at a Goblin shrine camp which is north of Monkfield, NW from Sanquine.

    Kill 4 shamans, Gather 20 rawhide, Hit Goblins with 20 Mana Missles and Hit the Goblin Shine 20 times with melee (its up a ramp next to a tree). While at this camp try and use a mixture of melee, archery and magic (after the 20 mana missles quest) to work towards the the Advancing as a Warrior, Advancing as a Archer and Beginner Mage Tasks.

    If you complete the Kill 4 shamans Hit Goblins with 20 Mana Missles and Hit the Goblin Shine 20 times with melee and do not have the 20 rawhide and want to move on you can. You can get the rest of the rawhide off the market or kill some bears for it.

    You may have gotten Greater Magic to 50 and unlocked the spell schools Fire, Air, Water, Earth at this point. If you have, change the meditation to Spell Chanting to get it to 50 to unlock Arcane then change to Witchcraft to get that to 50 to unlock Necromancy.

    Recall to Sanquine (buy the remaining rawhide of the market if you don't have 20).

    Go to Allan the Councillor hand in the quest and take the next quest.

    Go to John the Mage hand in the 2 quests and take the next quest.

    Go to Simeon the Mechant hand in the quest and take the next 2 quests.

    Go to the Oven and create a cooked cod

    Go to Simeon the Mechant hand in the quest and take the next quest.

    Go to Allan the Councillor hand in the quest.

    This is where this guide ends. Go out into the world and do what ever you want. You have a full set of armour, some decent weapons and enough meditation points to keep you going for a bit.

    If you need ideas, below are a few.

    You could go into the starter dungeon and complete the quest there.
    You could ride up to Lainstone and report for Goblin killing duty.
    You could ride up to Copperdale and start completing quests there (there are bears to the north for that meat for Simeon the Merchant).
    You could pick a task to complete
    You could do a title quest to get that stat bonus
    You could just go grind out some skills (do it on mobs that complete quest or tasks for double benefit)

    However like all MMO's you get the most out of them by being social, joining a clan and getting into the community. So that might be a option for you. Hope you enjoy the game..See you in Agon!
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  2. Ryco Stormeye

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    Its a guide for newbies doing their first quests, tasks and getting gear. Of course its long
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    Quite appreciated the guide. Thanx.
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    What's an item counter slot? Never mind, you explained it in the previous line, however I don't see them on the screen
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    Would make a fine video. GJ.
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    Go into the settings menu and open up Input Options. The shortcut key for the item counter toggle is number 16 from the bottom on the "Gui" tab (unbound by default iirc).
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