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Huge fix for spawn jumping.

Discussion in 'Game Design Discussion' started by Shieldbreaker, Jun 1, 2019.

  1. Scrapnotcrap

    Scrapnotcrap Eodrin

    Aug 27, 2015
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    You don't know what this means now do you?

    What you just said doesn't apply at all with anything that has been said in this thread.

    Next time you quote something make sure you know exactly what the person who first wrote it meant in the first place when he said it.


    Fighting fire with fire in the scenario's that has been presented in this thread would mean the following:

    -You jumped me so i'll jump you.
    -You zerged me so i'll zerg you next time.
    -You took one of my clan mate so i'll take one of yours.
    -As you grieve through your loss, you make an other gear bag and you farm for an other hour to recover from your loss(an other way to fight fire with fire).

    In DF standards, you gotta die either way when you get jumped at spawns so saying that line (fight fire with fire) means absolutely nothing. You still lost 30-45 minutes of progress.

    IF you survived when you had what 30% health left, you were obviously a lot better than the player in question.
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    I'm with this, but it shouldn't give away numbers. It should only warn you that there might be some potential enemies around.

    I want the devs to think about this. We can only feel fully protected with system messages. When they took that off the cities & hamlets, you could recall back and get ganked at the bindstone instantly for not knowing that a group was waiting for you. So you lose 1 full hour of progress which sux. I died that way once in DF ROA beta and i have killed many players that way in serruk.

    In chaos cities, there's no system messages. So you run the risk of getting jumped when you recall or you can always get jumped at the bank(which happens a lot if you live in chaos cities)

    Therefore, you only feel safer in hamlets, cities or in a safezone. We can still feel safe with load-lag everywhere, but that's not an intended feature. It really sux for those who can'T feel load-lag.
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  2. Slayven

    Slayven Obsidian Golem

    Feb 7, 2016
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    Every body dies to getting jumped I don’t think proper content..but u move or u don’t..
  3. Fawley

    Fawley Infernal

    Aug 26, 2015
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    Either you're saying everyone dies when they get jumped farming in which case you're just a walking bag of loot or you're saying everybody can die while getting jumped but the better players will win getting jumped.

    In the first scenario there's no competitive PVP at all in getting jumped and we may as well go play a pure PVP game like League or CSGO if you want PVP.

    In the second scenario, there's the competitive PVP but it only differs and matters when the player getting jumped is vastly superior to the player jumping the other player.

    I feel like both of these scenarios are not good game design. In past open world pvp games like UO and UO-like games, it was a top down game and you at least saw the enemy approaching you and you could kite back while healing and going away from the mobs getting ready to fight back or just try and out run them. In darkfall that's often not something you can do. You're at a specific spot the enemy knows you might be at and you're making tons of sounds and the enemy is silently moving around without even nameplates above them. This is especially bad when you're killing humanoid monsters that even look like players.
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  4. Korag

    Korag Evil Eye

    Aug 15, 2016
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    Is kind of the point of a FULL LOOT pvp game. That is the very reason most people play so that they can FULL LOOT people they kill
    PVP = Player vs Player environment it does not mean Fair Fight Arena Game which in reality is never fair due to player skill.
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