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Kinda Feedback

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Searven, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. Searven

    Searven Goblin Warrior

    Apr 9, 2016
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    Hey there,

    Figured i make a little kinda feedback, status update from a new players perspective (new to roa, i played ND and UW before) starting out together with his clannies from previous df literations. Sorry for my english in advance^^

    Sooo i started playing this game around a month ago together with my fellow clannies from Rats. Some of us already had characters created from years ago but not given this game a serious shot yet. Most startet with complete fresh characters tho. But we all had no crafting, no keybinds, no bank. We started as a clan with nothing.

    Now it has been a rather fun month. While grinding skill levels and spells to usability was rather easy, the gear and crafting grind isnt quite as simple.
    Arguably the hardest part and largest barrier of entry was figuring out keybinds and ingame mouse sense etc.
    In fact, most of us are still struggling with keybinds and getting the timing for button presses to weapon switch etc. right. Thats gonna take quite a bit longer to get used to.

    So far we managed to get most crafting to 75 and q5 enchanting after 1 month of playing. The red/blue timber grind for staffcrafting and bowyer was by far the hardest tho.
    And still we dont have bowyer mastery at 100 and are not able to equip our destros with elemental arrows for pve... no clue if they are any good tho.

    Managed to build 2 houses after a bit less than 3 weeks with 6 people collecting stuff here and there but not spending too much time on it.

    Characters got around 100-110 stats while the average is propably between 104-105.
    Spell levels sit mostly around 3-4. I personaly only have a few spells at 5 (transfers, some bolts, 2 rays, 1 r90)
    Gearwise we sit at fp, r60 level. Startet getting some infernal pieces and r70 but gathering decent amount of leenspar is hard and frankly speaking, we have not reached a level yet were we can rly use high end gear effectivly. Doesnt matter much if you have a r60 or r70 gs while you are just not hitting your target xD

    So thats kinda our progress so far. Even tried a siege around 2 weeks ago. Got stomped hard, decided to increase our gear and skill level before attempting again.

    Now some feedback i guess. Overall i had a rather positive experience.
    Honestly, i rly did not expect that i could enjoy this version of darkfall. But here we are, still playing^^
    While i personaly am not the greatest fan of the dfo combat, i found it is still enjoably enough for me to stick around and actually try to get decent at it. Just trying tho, i still suck. Realy struggle with weapon switch timing. Fucks me up everytime. Slowly getting better tho :p And aiming... well, nvm that for now.

    The tasksystem is awesome tho. Realy like the daily ones, especially for grp play. Farming baradrons and doing the tiger task or forest golems and prophet task etc.
    Doing a lot of daily tasks and they are a great initative to play together with other people. Same for dungeon quests btw.

    One negative are the bugs tho... i dont think there has been a single day where we have not found another bug. While we try to report all of them, we propably did forget it sometimes as well. Most are minor but then there is stuff like the respawn bug where you always log in or respawn next to the last place where you got revived until you kill yourself and select a respawn location... EVERY DAMN DAY I TELL YOU xD Very frustracting when you log out on cairn and the next day you log in next to chillbourne cause you did a few duels there at some point...
    So yea, there are bugs, but they are mostly manageable.
    The community is surprisingly kind tho. Lots of helpful people around.
    Big shoutout to trixie and the roa & chill guys. Those grp duel sessions are awesome practise :D

    So all in all, it has been a lot of fun so far. Will keep playing, hope my clanmates will stick around as well.
    And at some point you will see us on the map. Till then, cya around!
  2. Brian Badonde

    Brian Badonde Goblin Scout
    Affluent Loyal

    Dec 27, 2019
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    Nice feedback. And good to see Rats playing. There is a name I remember even from original DF EU server. And a clan with a great reputation.

    It would be really nice if you coukd craft elemental arrows at 50 or 75 bowyer mastery.

    100 is a long wait for solo or new clans before they can farm most effectively as melle archery players.
  3. Kantor

    Kantor Black Knight
    Prosperous Contributor Legend

    Aug 5, 2016
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    See you guys around a lot in sang. Glad you guys are enjoying the game. Hopefully more EU will keep dwindling in now that ND is gone. Would love to see an active EU time zone.
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  4. Geezy

    Geezy Fire Elemental
    Wealthy Loyal Supporter

    Aug 27, 2015
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    Great post; it's good to see things from a newer player's perspective.

    I don't really know what can be done with binds... seems like everybody has a different variation that they use.

    The crashes /memory leaks/missing textures is rough. BPG is still working hard at getting things fixed, and I've seen some improvement from them. Still work to be done though; seems like any time I'm logged in for too long, if I port somewhere, the ground textures in the next grid will be missing.

    Agreed. No reason for the elemental arrows to be locked at 100 bowyer mastery. They need to be unlocked at 1, 25, or 50 mastery- any of those would be ok. Also feels like they need a slight buff, especially when it comes to pve. Even mobs that should be noticeably weak to certain elements (think fire elementals and ice arrows) don't seem to take much more damage at all from ice arrows compared to regular arrows.
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