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Kings & Colloseums

Discussion in 'Game Design Discussion' started by skreww L00se, Feb 24, 2018.

  1. skreww L00se

    skreww L00se Undead Dwarf

    Aug 27, 2015
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    Below is a general structure to a King system with added colosseums. I believe it serves two needed purposes. Kings & Kingdoms gives value to holdings and territory and will give clans something to fight over again. With a King system in place it will allow BPG to more and more features and benefits to holdings and territory control.

    Additionally, colosseums add value to holdings/Kings and give a certain class of players the ability to find PvP quickly and easily. Organic PvP is obviously superior. Some of us out there want to PvP in Darkfall but don’t want to expend the hassle/time/effort required in the current system. It is as simple as “I want to subscribe to Rise of Agon and PvP in it but I want an easier way to get to the fun stuff.” Take my money!

    1. Each continent will have a capital and 1 King

    2. The King receives a unique title, a soul bound helmet, and is able to control things within his kingdom

    3. Each King can control different variables/taxes for their territory

    4. A colosseum (arena pvp) will be adding to each capital and the King can set ticket prices

    Each main continent will have a capital city. Something like Niffleheim – Mamengruk, Agon – Mar Shral, Rubayait – Ghanalaj, Cairn – Dayar, Yssam – Talpec. Reconfigure nodes so that each of the capital cities has all available nodes. Possibly change wonders so that each capital city has one. The clan that owns the city will be able to vote 1 Supreme General to become “King”.

    The King receives a soul bound, unique helmet that cannot break. Balance it so that if the King is wearing nothing but the helmet it gives, for example, 10% of its stats. As he equips other pieces it goes up and once fully geared it is working at 100% effectiveness.

    The King is able to set the tax rate of his land. Every time gold is picked up from a corpse X% goes into a designated bag within the Kings bank.

    A colosseum has been added to each capital city. It will serve as a dueling arena. Tickets can be sold, price chosen by King, on the marketplace. A ticket allows entry to the colosseum as well as a teleport to its location. At any time you are able to view, remotely, how many people are queued for a fight at any given colosseum. If you are queued and it finds a match you receive a notification.

    During a colosseum fight the opposing teams must have the same number of players, durability loss is active. Additional features and parameters up to BPG.
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  2. Good Friday

    Good Friday Akathar

    Jul 3, 2016
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    He meant Erinthel as Agon capital and CBay for Yssam, but otherwise great idea.
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  3. Korag

    Korag Fire Giant

    Aug 15, 2016
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    Can a clan own capitol cities on multiple continents?
    can a clan become a King of all lands by owning all capitols?
    I feel like their would be nothing stopping an alliance of 4 guilds to super zerg and control all continents you know some of that TIA shit you involved yourself in in df1 seriously outnumbering everyone to basically do as you please.

    Would have to make the system different somehow or force it to 2 capitols per continent that are in constant fight over control so that one clan(alliance)doesn't just always win cause of numbers, make the system a little better less dependent on zergs and sheeples voting for the admired player and I can agree with this, so long as we don't also just have constant arena's going on between the 4 arenas
  4. JEDIMind

    JEDIMind Infernal

    Apr 14, 2016
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    I touched on an idea like this skreww..but how would alignment work with this system? Did you read my post?


    Skreww im sorry dawg but holdings are just worthless..if there was 5 holdings the game would work better. Get rid of the other holdings in the area and make them outpost. From your starter city you own you can port to outpost in your area.
    Also with this sytem alignment would be fixed.

    I can think of so many ideas you can work with this..
    Such as territory auction houses...every city woukd be different
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