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Learning skills from mobs

Discussion in 'Game Design Discussion' started by adamisanameihave, Jun 21, 2021.

  1. adamisanameihave

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    Apr 18, 2016
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    Just going to throw some ideas out there that would really make me want to come back to the game... honestly, as someone who tells himself "I do not have time to play video games anymore" or whatever its hard to find any reason to return to Darkfall as an active player. I read somewhere about a seasonal reset though and I really think that would be what would do it and probably the only thing honestly as starting at the goblins with everyone else will never lose its appeal... of course the grind would have to be made much easier so that people are not discouraged at the idea of capping another character from "start" to "finish" . ...

    Having said that... I was also thinking of something else that would be a great addition to bring people together more and create even more hotspots than those we already have.

    Ever played Guild Wars? On a PVE character in order to learn a skill one must go out into the wild and study it from defeating a boss of some kind. I think that doing this same sort of thing for every skill in Darkfall would be a great idea but done in a way that they are not always available... like maybe a world announcement happens and it shows on the map where a certain skill is available... always have at least one skill available to acquire in the world and do not have it a boring task such as killing the same monsters again and again but something more fun.

    If people had to figure out how to acquire the skill whenever one becomes available that might be interesting...

    - maybe its something to click on during a certain time?

    - maybe its defeating a boss?

    - maybe its using a specific skill on a specific mob?

    - maybe its parrying a certain mob?

    - maybe its looting something special?

    The list goes on for possible ways of learning a new skill...

    It might be a cool requirement for making scrolls, like one of the steps of making the scrolls, maybe the only way to add the essence to them would be to "study" a certain mob when it becomes available.

    I know that sounds hardcore but it would be fun always knowing that there are going to be people trying to study mobs and bringing hotspots together... its essentially the same idea as having to acquire essences but making it so that those essences can only be applied to the scrolls with a pen when a certain timer has appeared.

    What do you think?
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    I guess if you were lazy dev you could simply make the essences only drop when they are announced as available on the map...
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  2. Jack_Bauer

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    Mar 14, 2016
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