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LF Aussie/ANZ/SEA PvP Clan

Discussion in 'Players Looking for a Clan' started by SolutOdka, May 2, 2017.

  1. SolutOdka

    SolutOdka New Member

    May 2, 2017
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    I'm a returning player from Darkfall and DF:UW.

    Currently, I am living in Southeast Asia, which is 12 hours off from the USA timezone.
    Therefore, if possible, I am looking for a clan with a majority of players in a neighboring timezone as I am, so that i can more regularly play at the same time as my teammates :)!

    I look for a clan focused on PvP, with a decently well organized structure, and most importantly with a good atmosphere and where people do things together.

    Based on my experience of the two previous Darkfalls, I'm not particularly looking for the biggest clans, but for a good community; which can take part in the greater picture of Agon politics.

    Also, I wish for group activities for team practice on a regular basis, both for small skirmishes (daily) and for siege battles (at least weekly). I believe this is where we build up team good reactivity in a fun way, and later on, under pressure this is the moment when it pays off. As a member of a clan I will do my utmost to contribute to the well being and prosperity of the team. I particularly enjoy capturing villages, PvP outings, as well as crafting and treasure hunting !!

    Please leave me a message with your forum link or your discord contact!


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