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LF Frienz :D

Discussion in 'Players Looking for a Clan' started by kittengirly, 8 May 2021.

  1. kittengirly

    kittengirly New Member

    7 May 2021
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    Hiiii :)

    Soooo I haven't really played the game for around a year or two and the clan I was in randomly kicked me from it back when most of them were playing AA Unchained .... So I'm not really into the who guild/clan scene in this game lols.

    Also I don't have Discord installed ; only Mumble and GPG so yaaaa.... ^(>.>)^

    If anyone wants to play Darkfall with me, then feel free to contact here or on a platform I actually use lols <3 ^_^

    P.S. I live outside of America, so I am not a 'dude' or a 'bro'.. o_O
    'Do it like a brother, do it like a duuude - grab my crotch, wear my hat low like youuuuu' hehehe

    It would be nice to ideally have a pretty good gesellschaft going, but a small group of friends is ok tooooo
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  2. Mitchcuse

    Mitchcuse Skeleton Archer
    Wealthy Loyal

    8 May 2017
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    what in the hell did i just read
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  3. Willbonney

    Willbonney New Member

    16 August 2020
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    Think as an "American," I might be more of a gemeinshaft mindset. Rules and laws go against my grain, heh. As for the dude thing, nah, I ain't no dandy. Message in game if ya want to chat though. I enjoy good conversations even if they lead no where. Sadly, Mischief does use Discord though, for it's VOIP, so, there is that. But hey, at least you're edumacated, in a tonnie sort of way.