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Loradain's Citadel

Discussion in 'Game Design Discussion' started by Xipos<3, Feb 21, 2021.

  1. Xipos<3

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    Aug 26, 2015
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    Maybe develop this as one of the end-game areas? Probably one of the more impressive worldbuilding efforts AV did, and it is completely empty. Originally it was intended to host GM-controlled demi-gods for PvE events, but perhaps it could be used for some extreme end-game PvE events, ie. "Siege of Loradain's Citadel" - starts similarly as any other Champion spawn, but runs over multiple stages, tiered with intermediary bosses. Starting the event could provide a global message - making it extremely risky. One should prepare for this event in the same way one would prepare for a siege, with at least 2 full parties in siege bags.

    First wave looks similar to existing champions, 2nd wave even harder etc. with the final wave consisting of 7k hp mobs like Erodachs spawning in waves. Final boss could be a stationary fire dragon boss jacked to the tits with buffs (similar to UW tutorial zone dragon). Imagine bringing a siege force trying to complete the event, and as the start is announced globally, it would be a chaotic zerg fest where one both tries to survive the other zergs, and the monsters.

    If you haven't been to the area yet (cuz it's empty, etc.) - take a trip there, and explore the opportunities. It's the left Yssam volcano
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  2. KoKane

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    Oct 17, 2015
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    Yeah awesome spot. Always said if they ever added Castles or Keeps, or something bigger than current 'keep' as a house, like in UO, I'd put one somewhere close to that area.

    If they ever get to add new off-world locations, like a new dungeon with a purpose. If it were accessible through the big doors down there, after killing some guardian of the door, and the door becomes usable once hes dead, for a brief while. That'd be cool

    Inside, you can get mad loot, but if you die, you get kicked out, permanent stat loss and MAD durability loss. Make it hard af
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