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Dev thread March / April bug hunting!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ibis, Mar 23, 2020.

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    Feb 19, 2018
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    We have 2 issues we have a hard time replicating
    1. Respawning at a random location when logging in (Might be a location you have been at in the session you last logged out of)

    Not Fixed
    2. Stuck on loading screen in a another location that logged out on the loading screen, sometimes it even say its a dungeon you are logging into (tile-name dungeon)

    best way you guys can help is if you experience any of the 2 is when it happens then quickly write down any and all details you think might be helping us
    What did you do in the 5-10 min before logging out, location you logged out at, where you logged in at / loading screen is saying
    have you killed someone in the 5-10 min before logging out, combat status, have you hit a monster, have you unsummoned a mount or boat
    like go full out detail
    I mean what did you eat for breakfast! Anything you might think can help us find the problem

    I will reward nithron coins for both issues if they are not related, if they are related to each other then only 1 payout will be done
    and the person who provide the info first will get the bounty

    200 Nithron coins per issue, if they are related and the fix for one will fix both then 300 coins

    Best place to report infomation about the issue is on our discord which you can join from -->here<-- where you PM the overseer bot with the infomation and it will go directly into the devs hands
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