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Misc Things

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Synna, Oct 2, 2019.

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    Sep 1, 2015
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    I dont play much nowadays but back when i did i kept a list of fixes/ideas i would get while playing, its a bit old and i believe some of this has been done already but i was looking through old folders and found it /shrug


    Renaming a Treasure Map doesn't allow you to type in the name.

    Items dropped on the ground with a prefix (ruined, crude etc) show the prefix twice when looking at the bag, eg "Ruined Ruined Omrog"

    When looking in the crafting section in the Journal, anything not from DF1 has no icon there, instead shows as a blank spot that when hovered over does show the item name and how many times its been crafted.

    Wildlife Graves stay around for the full 10 minutes even when looted.

    Elemental Arrows have no icon on Item Counter.

    When hovering over the items you can craft from Jewlsmithing to preview them they don't show the stats (arcane protections), only the Description, Weight, and required level to craft.

    The Portals on Mirrorsea tell only one of the outputs when looked at, says nothing about it being random to other areas.


    -----World Build:

    Chimney Floating Above Marketplace in Tolenque.

    General Store in Western Taloc is slightly floating above the group.

    Stairs leading to the portals on Mirrorsea are placed to high, requiring a very awkward jump to get on the platform.

    Oven in Charybdis clipping through a house.


    -----QOL Changes/Additions:

    All Spawnable (mushrooms/barrels etc) get Chaos Chest treatment.

    On the World Map, when you click a portal it should show a line going to the destination instead of just the name of the tile.

    Allow to be a guest on a house while owning a house.

    Visual Timer of how long before you can use a Chest again.

    Add a Search bar in the Tasks window.

    When clicking recall from under the minimap, have it auto sheathe the weapon, rather than do nothing.

    When trying to use a Recall while its on cooldown, make it create a system message telling you how much longer the cooldown is.

    Add a clock on the UI somewhere.

    Add a timer you can open/close.



    Make a deployable that loots everything within X area.

    (Ripping this straight out of BDO) Add a "Knowledge" system for mobs, the more you kill of a specific mob the more information you can see about it within the journal (new subsection) (eg how much health it has, what mob type it is (undead, golem etc), its drops etc).

    Show icons for buffs/debuffs when looking at players/mobs.

    Update the Daily Dungeon Quest rewards, they've fallen behind and need to be touched up.

    Add Holy/Unholy Transmutes.

    Tie Protections/Damage to durability of items eg: 100 dura (full) GS hits for 10 damage, 50 dura GS (half) hits for 5 damage, maybe exclude falloff from PvE?


    ----Make The World "Feel" More Alive/Immersive:

    Add an NPC that walks about (maybe even with a voice line) inside the Marketplace.

    Animate the city NPCs, set an area they walk around within, maybe add voice lines.

    Add Weather (Rain (think this is already in just needs sound), Wind, Blizzards etc).

    Add Sounds to Flags.

    Add Lights and sounds to torches on walls/wherever they may be.

    Show Gloves/Sleeves when in first person view (using a bow or staff).

    Visually Show armor degrading as it loses durability (holes, rips, faded etc).

    Add NPCs that travel roads between cities that cannot be damaged, and rare NPCs that travel roads outside of the city area that can be killed (wagons, lone travelers, bandits etc)

    Add sound to the fires across the map.

    Change Mounts footstep sounds depending on what type of terrain it is on.

    When a harvest node is empty (tree rock etc) it disappears from the world, bonus trees have a falling animation when chopped.

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